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ITAC: Charter

Approved June 1, 2007

The IT Architecture Committee is the primary campus forum for developing a shared vision of how information technologies can best support UC Berkeley. The ITAC carries out this charge through research, consultation, advice, and communication. The ITAC reports to the Berkeley campus Chief Information Officer and also functions as an advisory group for the Campus Technology Council (CTC). The ITAC consults with campus constituencies, including the Academic Senate Committee on Computing and Communications, on topics under consideration.

The vision to be shared, known as the Enterprise Architecture (EA), encompasses issues related to information management, business process analysis, applications architecture, and technology infrastructure. In addition, the EA encompasses certain non-technical topics that affect the feasibility of the EA, including IT skills, training, as well as governance and cultural implications of changes induced by the EA. The EA provides a framework in which decisions may be made in designing and purchasing technology.

The ITAC identifies, analyzes, and makes recommendations on EA issues. The ITAC documents key technical components of the EA and articulates policy questions for referral to the Campus Technology Council. The ITAC also advocates for appropriate use of innovative technologies and educates the campus community on matters related to the enterprise architecture.

Much of the work of the ITAC is carried out by subcommittees and working groups that bring together technical and business experts to study particular topics in depth, prepare reports, and make recommendations to the ITAC.

ITAC voting members are appointed by the Chief Information Officer and include technology managers and experts from major campus units. Other individuals from the campus IT community are encouraged to participate in ITAC meetings, mailing list discussions, subcommittees, and working groups.

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