CalNet 2-Step Verification

CalNet 2-Step verification provides an important, additional layer of protection against the theft of your CalNet credentials. You have likely used 2-step verification with accounts such as online banking. When logging in, after you enter your CalNet ID and password, you will be prompted to complete a second step using a verification device that you set up. The second step could just be a tap on your phone!

Why CalNet 2-Step?

  • It ensures you're the only person accessing your account.

  • It adds another layer of security (other than just your password).

  • Doing the CalNet 2-Step follows cyber-security best practices.

  • You'll be doing your part to protect institutional data at UC Berkeley.

  • For more information, visit the CalNet 2-Step website

Sign Up Now

  • Have your device ready - you can use your smartphone, cell phone, or tablet.

  • Login to the CalNet Account Manager, then click Manage 2-Step Verification from the left menu.

Follow these steps to register your device, OR Watch this video on how to enroll in CalNet 2-Step using your smartphone.

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