ITLP Graduates

2018 Attendees

Micah Bot-Miller
Pierre Chew
Daniel Grieb
Marlita Kahn
Lars Rohrbach
Jeremy Rosenberg


Noah Beil
Dave Browne
Kim Carl
Jon Hays


Chris Hoffman
Neil Maxwell
Anne Marie Richard
Jerry Yerardi


Walter Stokes
Jenn Stringer
David Willson


Devin Jones
John Lin
Lisa Martin
Owen McGrath


Zane Cooper
Aaron Culich
James Dudek
Terence Phuong
Patrick Schmitz
Scott Shireman


Jon Conhaim
Patricia Donnelly
Benjamin Hubbard
Lyle Nevels
Tom Tsai


Russell Connacher
Gabriel Gonzalez
Oliver Heyer
Liz Marsh
Brian Peterson


Kevin Burney
Peggy Huston
Jeff Kreutzen


Bill Allison
Eric Fraser
Steve McCabe


Tim Heidinger
Karen Kato


David A. Greenbaum
Louise (JR) Schulden

group of people working at table during an ITLP workshop

“It was an absolute gift to be able to participate with the MOR team and other leaders in this context. In addition, the tools, techniques, and best practices in the areas of both leadership and management have re-stocked my quiver and I now have a whole new perspective from which to carry on my leadership-journey.”

Benjamin Hubbard,
Director of Service Design, SIS
University of California, Berkeley

2018 UC Berkeley ITLP Program Dates

Jan. 9-11 | Workshop 1: Leadership and Strategic Thinking

March 13-16 | Workshop 2: Leading Change, Coaching for Results

June 26-28 | Workshop 3: Developing Your Interpersonal Skills

Sept. 25 - 27 | Workshop 4: Leadership and Ethics, and Continuing Your Leadership Journey

Functional Sponsor

Liz Marsh, Director, Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff - OCIO