Student Technology Equity Program: A COVID-Relief Effort

What is different about STEP for 2021-22?

  • Overall: STEP has not received continued funding for 2021-22. As a result, we have limited inventory that we can issue to new applicants, since 65-70% of our devices are still on loan to continuing students.
  • Laptops and peripheral devices: The minimum standard for eligibility has increased, due to our limited inventory. This is to ensure that students with the greatest convergence of financial need, COVID-related need, and instructional role receive priority consideration.
  • Hotspots: STEP is no longer able to offer new hotspots during 2021-22. Those who received a hotspot previously may retain the physical device, but will need to assume responsibility for their own personal service plan if they wish to maintain hotspot service.

Apply for STEP

If you are an undergraduate, graduate or professional student in need of a laptop or peripheral devices:

  • STEP is now accepting applications May 14 through Aug. 1, 2022.
  • Complete this application to be considered for a free loaner laptop or other peripherals (e.g. webcam, headphones, etc.). 
  • We will review your application and determine eligibility based on the convergence of financial need, COVID-related need, and instructional role.
  • Have other questions? Check out STEP FAQs.

Other Free / Low Cost Technology Resources

Contact STEP 

Questions about this program should be directed to or schedule a one-on-one Zoom-based appointment.

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STEP is sponsored by the Office of the Chief Information Officer and the Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Education with funds provided by central campus. Additional funding and operation is provided by the Student Technology Fund.