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Current students, faculty, and staff affiliated with the university are issued a CalNet ID. Your CalNet ID is your username used with your CalNet passphrase, to log into many web-based campus services. For most users, your CalNet ID matches the handle of your campus email address. Protect your passphrase as carefully as you would your other personal identification numbers, such as Social Security or credit card numbers, since your CalNet credentials are often used to access confidential information. If you need help with your CalNet ID and passphrase, start by reviewing Manage My Account. IT Client Services works with CalNet to support the self-service functions of CalNet ID creation and passphrase reset. Visitors and guests on campus may be eligible for a CalNet Sponsored Guest account. All CalNet users and CalNet Sponsored Guests must abide by campus policies related to using electronic resources, including the Computer Use Policy).

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A CalNet ID is a username that you will use with your CalNet passphrase to log in to most campus systems. For new users, it is also the handle of their campus email address.

A Special Purpose Account (SPA) is a CalNet ID that can be shared by multiple users for collaborative purposes. SPAs are often used to manage shared departmental email addresses.

CalNet Sponsored Guests is a service that allows guests to log in to limited campus applications. Sponsored Guest accounts are for people who do not have an official university affiliation. See the user guide for more information.


Faculty, Students, and Staff

Faculty and Staff

A CalNet Sponsored Guest is a temporary, unpaid collaborator, auditor, or conference attendee. For example, a Sponsored Guest may be auditing a course in bCourses or assisting campus administrators on an initiative.

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