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Technology Standards, Practices, and Architecture

Mission: Technology Standards, Practices, and Architecture (TSPA) acts as the steward of the UC Berkeley Information Technology Architecture (ITA), which is driven by the mission and goals of the University and is essentially the set of IT solutions to the campus's business problems.

TSPA advocates for a planned, comprehensive, cost-effective, and supported architecture that provides a framework for the campus to build upon. TSPA advises the Campus Technology Council (CTC) on the current state of this campus IT architecture and industry trends to help plan for the future. TSPA is responsible for architecture frameworks that meet campus needs as defined by the CTC and for recognizing commonalities to create a design that can be leveraged to meet many needs.

TSPA works with the Information Technology Architecture Committee (ITAC) and its subcommittees to develop specific technology designs for integration into the ITA.

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