Culture Change Strategic Plan

The culture change strategic plan is created by the IST Action Team in collaboration with IST/OCIO leadership. It continues to evolve as issues are addressed and new ideas emerge.

July to December 2019

Here are some of the projects we have outlined for the culture change strategic plan we are working on for the remainder of the year (this info is subject to change as we finalize planning):

Equity in performance standards, job titles, salaries, and perks

  • Improve salary equity overall; Improve process for raises; Improve process for requesting or processing equity adjustments.
  • Improve equitable distribution of perks such as stipends, telecommuting, and professional development opportunities including release time.
  • Work with central HR to improve pilot performance evaluation system.

Staff recruitment

  • Promote job opportunities and partner with affinity groups and organizations for Women and for People of Color in technology.
  • Improve onboarding, including orientation to Higher Ed industry.

Manager hiring, development, support and training

  • Develop plans and policies to hire managers for people-manager skills.
  • Provide a structured path for staff to develop people-manager skills.
  • Manager book club or reading list.
  • Coaching or leadership training for Managers and Directors.

Development for staff and managers at all levels

  • Microaggression workshops.
  • Formal mentoring program.
  • Diversity and inclusion events.

Improve the formal complaint process

  • Explore ways to conduct root cause analysis for issues that become formal complaints. How did it get this far?
  • Document the complaint process so people know what to expect.
  • Collaborate with Central HR to improve the complaint and investigation process
  • Provide guidelines for IST leadership to handle future complaints.

Culture change

  • Build core values.
  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion book club
  • Provide funding and support for staff and managers to pursue diversity and inclusion activities and professional development.

Build connections across the organization

  • Hold social events across departments.
  • Brown bag lunches / Lunch & Learn.
  • Peer networking lunches.
  • Streamline communications between leadership, managers, and staff.

January to June 2019

Accomplishments during the first half of this year include:

  • Increased the target resources for recruiting: Established a list of 40+ job boards tailored towards a more diverse population of candidates.
  • Developed a set of questions for managers and interview committees that explore candidate’s experience and skill with creating inclusive teams and addressing difficult situations. 
  • Created a schedule for quarterly IST all-staff meetings. Directors encourage attendance and ensure call-in option, ensure accessible to all. To date we have held 4 All Staff meetings since September 2018.
  • Worked with IST leadership to address employee concerns during staff meetings. 
  • Clarified guidelines for nomination/acceptance into the IT Leadership Program (ITLP) so process is more transparent.
  • Created and distributed a fact sheet around our Be Well at Work program (formerly Care Services), and other resources for getting assistance in healing and help. 
  • Larry is more focused on communicating the initiatives he works on outside of IST so IST knows more about how he supports IST and the challenges he faces. He is using several mechanisms to do this, including regular IST All Staff and Coffee with the CIO meetings, as well as sending quarterly updates about issues that are top of mind for him.
  • Established the regular announcement of open campus IT positions.
  • Provided mandatory bystander training; including how to respond to bullies, incivility, and microaggressions.
  • Provided training for managers on stepping in to assist in resolving conflict and negative interactions, coaching employees seen to regularly engage in negative behavior, and actively creating a positive work environment.
  • Invited all teams to participate in a ground rules exercise in order to facilitate agreement on acceptable behaviors (the information collected from each team will be used to create IST core values that will ultimately be used in performance management conversations).
  • Provided Meditation/Mindfulness sessions to support employees with an effective method of coping with daily stress.
  • Volunteered IST to participate in the new campus Performance Management pilot program - Achieve - to help address concerns related to transparency and fairness of the performance evaluation, ratings and merit processes.
  • Started regular reports from the CFO at IST All Staff meetings to help increase transparency of and understanding about our budget process and general financial issues.

Each of these actions relates to one or more of the overall goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan.

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Action Team

Feel free to reach out to any of the action team members listed below or to their team email at

We need your help!

Additional items we would like to implement simply cannot be accomplished without your help! The following items seem like great ideas to us, but we can’t do it alone:

  • Create an internal IST newsletter that includes employee spotlights, department news, and a “Dear Abby” section.
  • Create an employee directory with bios, pictures and maybe even short personal videos. We’ve already kicked this off, but need your help to keep it going.
  • Hold more social events for all to attend and ranging in activities (e.g., game night, bowling, etc). Contact to get involved.


If you have any questions or feedback, or would like to view the actual strategic plan, please email us at or contact an individual team member (see above). The plan is a very long excel sheet and hard to look at, but an Action Team member will walk you through it if you’d like.