When we first began our IST Equity and Inclusion program we engaged with Civility Partners, a respected consulting firm that works with organizations to address workplace culture issues. We knew it was critical that our approach include a wide variety of voices, and indeed leadership, from all levels of our organization. Civility Partners helped take us through their proven methodology outlined below that aims to eradicate bad behaviors and create a positive work culture where people thrive. Another resource we expect to take advantage of as part of this conversation is the Strategic Planning for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity toolkit, which helps units develop an E&I plan for their organization.

completedStep 1. Culture Assessment

This process included interviews with stakeholders, a custom online survey for all IST staff, and interviews with a random sample of 10% of the employee population. View Culture Report

completedStep 2. Leadership Planning Meeting/Ongoing Coaching

Upon survey close, Civility Partners held an in-person leadership meeting to discuss the survey results, and next steps. And, throughout the culture change process, we are having 60-minute coaching sessions every other week, eventually moving to once per month over time.

Step 3. Create an Action Team

One mistake many company’s make in culture change is relying too heavily on the leadership team. While culture design starts at the top, employees should be more involved in change than most organizations allow. Civility Partners has worked to select the right team members to represent all levels of the organization. Meet the Action Team

Step 4. Develop Strategic Plan for Addressing Survey Data with Action Team

Civility Partners worked with the Action Team to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement in the survey, and then develop a strategic plan for solving them. This is the first of three strategic plans. Strategic Plan for Culture Change

completedStep 5. Create Department-Specific Core Values

Civility Partners, with The Action Team, partnered to develop core values, using insight provided by the IST workforce. Core values become the guiding light for culture change, as the Action Team then seeks to create plans around helping the workforce live those values.

completedStep 6. Update or Build Departmental Assets

As IST makes change over time, it may be beneficial or necessary to update internal processes. Some examples of what we have undertaken include updating our onboarding program, launching ACHIEVE in partnership with central HR as our new performance management program, teambuilding events, and more.

Step 7. Provide Necessary Training

Naturally, anytime there is change, people need to understand what it means for them and their behavior. Ongoing training will be offered on topics based on the assessment results. View examples of training

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We look forward to continuing this conversation and encourage you to discuss these issues with your manager, team, and colleagues. There are many ways to get involved in this work, we welcome hearing your feedback or ideas:

Email: Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO; or Liz Marsh, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff to the CIO.

Schedule a Meeting: Contact Margarita Zeglin, Executive Assistant.