Digital Accessibility Program

In the coming months, additional information on accessibility conformance procedures, requirements and support including training, workshops, and resource guides will be made available on this Digital Accessibility Program website.

A collaborative effort across the UC Berkeley campus, the Digital Accessibility Program (DAP) seeks to ensure all university websites and digital content are able to be accessed and interacted with by everyone in our community. As we create and share online content, we want to be sure it has been designed, developed, or procured to be accessible to people with disabilities, including those who use assistive technologies. 

Existing digital materials that are not currently accessible will need to go through a review and be brought into compliance with accessibility standards so we consistently provide a good user experience for all. 

We collectively need to understand that accessibility is not a one-time effort, but must be incorporated into all online activity on an ongoing basis. Similar programs have been in development across all University of California locations in response to the systemwide UC Information Technology Accessibility Policy (ITAP) which was approved Aug. 27, 2013. Berkeley's Digital Accessibility Program is overseen by the ITAP Advisory Committee.

Digital Accessibility Program & Projects

 chart showing relationship to several digital accessibility program projects