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Data Network Recharge

New Network Strategy

July 2010

In recognition of new network technologies, the changing campus usage of network services, and the inadequacies of the decade-old Network Node Bank model, a campus committee was chartered in 2007 to evaluate options for ensuring the continued viability of the campus data network. In January 2009, campus technology leadership, working with the Chair of the Academic Senate Resource Planning Committee, representatives from administrative and academic units, and network professionals, presented a proposal to campus leadership to eliminate the antiquated and administratively expensive per connection model and to move to a per FTE cost allocation methodology. This new model corrects the significant inequities of the Node Bank and enables the investment needed to meet evolving campus needs. The approach is consistent with the strategies of many our counterparts, including Cornell University, University of Wisconsin, and University of Washington as well as many UC campuses including Los Angeles and San Diego. Details of the committee's recommendation can be found at

Network Model for 2010–11

The new Data Network Recharge model became effective July 1, 2010, and contains the following elements:

In FY 2010–11, the central campus will cover approximately $8.6 million of the data network costs. The remaining $1.9 million will be covered by the special billing agreements and the voice line cost sharing described above. This interim approach will allow us to immediately begin expansion of the AirBears service and related networking infrastructure, while coordinating further evaluation of the ongoing resource and financial management model with the Operational Excellence initiative.

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