Device Services, Support, and Troubleshooting

For faculty, staff, and student employees needing assistance with a support-eligible University-owned device, productivity software suites, and general IT consultation services. Students can get technical support from the Student Tech Services Helpdesk.


IT Client Services provides a variety of device support services, including:

  • Computer setup with the Berkeley Desktop

  • Printer configuration and connections

  • Assistance connecting supported devices to the campus's wired & wireless networks

  • Installation of campus productivity suites and other software

  • Decommission of computing devices, including secure erasure of a hard drive for disposal

  • Remote Desktop configuration

  • Security incident management for managed devices

Visit the IT Service Catalog and select Device Support to order services.

ITCS will assist with troubleshooting general IT issues for standard devices and campus productivity software suites. While we do not handle hardware-related issues, we will assist with coordinating warranty repair of university-funded and recommended equipment that is still under warranty with supported vendors. You can report that something is broken by using the incident webform. ITCS is available Monday through Friday (excluding University holidays), 8 a.m. to 5  p.m. via our online ticketing system or call 510-664-9000, option 1,1.

Computer Support Eligibility

  • Managed Computers - IT Client Services highly recommends using a campus-managed computer. All managed computers are eligible for ITCS support. A managed computer meets the criteria below and is running the Berkeley Desktop management and patching software. Determine If Your Machine is Campus Managed (Berkeley Desktop)
  • Recommended Computer Models - ITCS can guide you through the purchase and setup of a recommended computer model. These laptop and desktop computers are thoroughly tested and known to work with the Berkeley Desktop management and patching software. Recommended models running the Berkeley Desktop will be proactively patched by campus staff (Endpoint Operations & Services in partnership with ITCS). ITCS promises to restore these computers to working order as quickly as possible (see Support Promises). 

Other Computers Eligible for ITCS Support

Unmanaged computer models not in the recommended list may also be supported by ITCS, if they meet the following criteria:

  • University property, not personally-owned.
  • Computer that is capable of running a Windows or MacOS version of an operating system that is actively receiving security updates from Microsoft or Apple. We are unable to assist with any Unix/Linux based operating systems.(see How do I know if my operating system is supported and receiving security updates?)
  • All devices on the Campus network are required to comply with the Minimum Security Standard for Networked Devices. MSSND Software Patch Update Guidelines
  • ITCS support technicians have administrative access on computer or administrative access can be granted in coordination with computer/system administrator.
  • ITCS support technicians can re-install the latest version of your computer's OS or Berkeley Desktop image (preferred) when necessary to resolve an incident or complete a service request.
  • ITCS support technicians have physical access to the computer or the ability to remotely control the computer with the client’s authorization using remote support tools.
  • Your computer has a valid warranty or is less than 5 years of age (computers that do not meet this criteria may need to be replaced).
  • The computer hard drive does not contain data governed by a Research Data Use Agreement or Data Access Agreement that might prohibit access or deletion of data by an IT support technician.

Lab/Special Use Machines

Lab/Special Use Machines that don’t meet eligibility criteria are unable to be supported by ITCS. ITCS can provide general guidance for unsupported devices in coordination with the device or system administrator. The device or system administrator is responsible for the security of the machine.

Printer Configuration

ITCS offers configuration for printers and multifunction print/scan devices. When requested, a technician will connect a print/scan device to the campus network, configure security settings to meet Campus standards, and configure scan-to-email. Additional requests (such as address book management) and hardware repair for print/scan devices are not supported. UCSF Documents & Media offers a print management program to UC Berkeley with full support for printers.

What should I do if my device isn’t eligible for support?

Even if your device does meet support criteria, ITCS might be able to help. Please contact us with your support request since we may be able to redirect you to other campus resources, consult with you on how you or your vendor can resolve the issue, or assist you in upgrading your device so it is eligible for support. We cannot promise to restore an unsupported device to working order, but we’ll give it a try!

Device Hardware Warranty & Repair

Devices under warranty provide the best experience when hardware breaks. ITCS recommends a 3-5 year warranty on all new devices. ITCS will help facilitate warranty repairs for managed and supported devices. Devices out of warranty will be evaluated for repair by ITCS staff and may need to be replaced if older than 5 years. Device owner will cover costs for parts and repair if not under warranty.

Support Promises

  • Managed (Berkeley Desktop) - Managed computers will be proactively patched by campus staff (Endpoint Operations & Services in partnership with ITCS) and monitored for security vulnerabilities. ITCS will restore the computer to running order and support campus software.  Hardware may incur a cost for parts/repair if not under warranty.
  • Supported - System user is responsible for patching and maintaining computers, including meeting campus security requirements. ITCS will attempt to restore the computer to working order in partnership with department IT staff or the computer administrator. Hardware may incur a cost for parts/repair if not under warranty.
  • Unsupported - These devices are not eligible for ITCS support. The system user is responsible for patching, security, and maintenance. ITCS will consult with the computer user or vendor but will not work on these computers’ hardware or software/OS.

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