Highlights of Culture Change Strategic Plan - June 2019

The culture change strategic plan was created by the IST Action Team in collaboration with IST/OCIO leadership.

Highlights of the plan


The first action plan runs until June 30, 2019. These are some highlights of the actions we’ll be taking and the information we’ll be gathering during that time.

  • Train supervisors and managers on policies (e.g., vacation requests, on-call work, telecommuting, etc) and develop consistent procedures to improve fairness across IST/OCIO.
  • Develop guidelines and core competency requirements for leaders, managers and supervisors that include handling reports of harassment/bullying, building relationships, and coaching.
  • Train supervisors and managers on “management by walking around”, coaching poor behavior, proper ways to handle reports of problems.
  • Action Team hold regular brown-bag meetings open to all IST/OCIO staff.
  • Make information about accessibility easily available.
  • Follow accessibility guidelines when sending communications and planning events.
  • Hold more frequent IST/OCIO all-staff meetings.
  • Directors become more available to staff through more frequent communication with all levels.
  • DCIO team deliver status reports to their divisions after their weekly meetings.
  • Publish and widely promote information about open positions within IST/OCIO.
  • IST/OCIO leadership create open dialogue around budget, budget cuts, and how the budget is determined.
  • Provide bystander/ally training for all of IST/OCIO.

Each of these actions relates to one or more of the overall goals and objectives outlined in the strategic plan.


These are some of the issues we are researching now, in order to develop initiatives we’ll be working on in the future.

  • Ways to help in the healing process, such as peer groups, employee resource groups, or providing counseling
  • How to increase diversity and inclusion in the recruiting and interviewing process
  • How to address microaggressions and promote cross cultural kindness
  • How to structure career development opportunities, career mapping, etc
  • Anonymous suggestion system
  • 360 degree reviews
  • Salary equity

Steering committee

A steering committee made up of Action Team members and Directors will meet monthly to monitor the progress of each action item. The Action Team will continue to communicate about progress through the culture website and monthly brown bag lunches.

We need your help!

Additional items we would like to implement simply cannot be accomplished without your help! The following items seem like great ideas to us, but we can’t do it alone:

  • Create an internal IST newsletter that includes employee spotlights, department news, and a “Dear Abby” section.
  • Create an employee directory with bios, pictures and maybe even short personal videos. We’ve already kicked this off, but need your help to keep it going.
  • Hold more social events for all to attend and ranging in activities (e.g., game night, bowling, etc). Contact ist-social@berkeley.edu to get involved.


If you have any questions or feedback, or would like to view the actual strategic plan, please email us at ist-action-team@berkeley.edu or contact an individual team member (see sidebar). The plan is a very long excel sheet and hard to look at, but an Action Team member will walk you through it if you’d like.

Next Brown Bag Lunch

April Date TBD

Action Team

Feel free to reach out to any of the action team members listed below or to their team email at ist-action-team@berkeley.edu.