Action Team Member Spotlight: Caroline Boyden

Caroline Boyden

Hi! I’m Caroline Boyden. The picture I’ve chosen is of me walking on a trail in Joaquin Miller Park wearing a Giants baseball cap and not one but two Drupal swag items: a BADCamp hoodie and a DrupalCon t-shirt. It’s not just a job, it’s a wardrobe.

How long have you been at UC Berkeley, and what was your first job here?

I started out in the College of Letters & Science as a web designer and developer. I’ve been part of the Web Platform Services team since 2012, and at Berkeley since 2004. This seems like a long time to me, but when a few of us got our ten-year recognition at a department meeting in 2014, somebody jokingly called out “Newbies!”

What’s your current role in IST?

I do feature development for Open Berkeley, and I’m the code expert on the WebAccess team. For a lot of my day, I’m in a code editor, cranking out PHP or HTML or CSS or Javascript. I also do presentations on accessibility at meetups and conferences.

What are you watching on Netflix?

Eagerly awaiting the arrival of Season 3 of The Good Place to Netflix - probably about a month before season 4 premieres. Also watching the remake of One Day at a Time, and La Casa de las Flores.

What’s something your colleagues might not know about you?

One summer before I moved to the Bay Area, I worked as a theatrical electrician at a new-play development program in Waterford CT. One of the lighting positions for the outdoor amphitheater was a ship’s mast stuck into the ground with a crow’s nest at the top. Because I was the smallest of the electricians, I was always the one who got hauled up to the top of the mast on a pulley system that, looking back on it, might have gotten the side-eye from OSHA.

And then a long time ago when I first moved here - not before the Internet, but definitely before the Netscape IPO - I was a lighting designer and electrician (night job) and messenger (day job). The messenger company’s biggest client was a firm that had a direct T1 connection to EDGAR (Federal repository for corporate filings required by the SEC). I spent my days hauling heavy paper printouts of quarterly reports to investment bankers, and my nights hauling heavy lighting equipment up ladders.

I pretty much no longer haul or get hauled up anywhere, and sometimes I miss it.

It's not just a job, it's a wardrobe

Things you can chat with me about when mingling at IST events

  • Board games
  • Puzzle hunts
  • Drupal
  • Accessibility
  • Automated testing
  • And more