Track 4: E&I for One IT

Track 4 of the IST Equity and Inclusion program has morphed into the ReIT Goal 3: Creating a diverse and inclusive community of IT professionals who are trusted and strategic partners with the campus, alumni, and the public. In July 2018, we held a series of workshops with campus IT professionals to explore the issues of diversity, inclusion, and equity within the campus IT community. Work to analyze and theme the feedback gathered at these workshops was done by a Superhero team, who subsequently identified a set of tactics (or projects) to address a variety of issues. We are currently in the process of executing on these projects, and will be reporting out more information soon.

In June 2019, the theme of our annual IT Summit was Diversity and Inclusion for One IT. All programming was organized around various D&I themes and presenters throughout the day addressed topics of importance to the greater One IT community.