Track 4: E&I for One IT

The IST Equity and Inclusion program is a parallel initiative to ReIT Strategy 7: Diversity and Inclusion which aims to integrate equity, inclusion, and diversity into all areas of IT on campus by actively engaging UC Berkeley’s training programs, research, and principles of community.

In April 2018, the OCIO co-sponsored a Virtual Reality event exploring gender bias in IT and another event is coming up on Women in Tech: The Future of AI in November. We will look to do more sessions, as well as to sponsor additional events focused on gender equality and diversity in IT more broadly. We also plan to offer anything we do for IST more broadly to the One IT community when it makes sense for a larger audience beyond just IST. See the One IT Calendar for upcoming events

More generally for the campus One IT community, we have added a seventh strategy to our Reimagining IT Strategic Plan that will address equity, inclusion and bias issues. We are pleased to announce that Traci Young from SAIT, Gabe Gonzalez from Law, and Liz Marsh from the OCIO have agreed to co-lead this strategy.

At our March 2018 Reimagining IT planning workshop (this included 50+ IT leaders from around campus), we held an exercise to facilitate a conversation about bias and inclusion in the workplace. The debrief from the exercise resulted in many great suggestions for how we can address these issues; these will be incorporated into the E&I Reimagining IT strategy as it takes shape, as well as the local work we’re doing in IST. The exercise was so well-received that many of the participants have plans to run the exercise with their own teams.

E & I Announcements

Dec. 4, 2018: Ally/Bystander Training for IST

Nov. 29, 2018: Coffee with the CIO

Nov. 26, 2018: Upcoming IST all staff meeting on Dec. 11

Sept. 13, 2018: Introducing our action team!

Sept. 6, 2018: IST Equity & Inclusion Work Update

Aug. 30, 2018: Re: IST E&I Program: Required MEP Workshops

Aug. 21, 2018: Civility Partners Report

Aug. 15, 2018: All-Staff IST Town Hall Meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 21, 2-4 p.m.

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We look forward to continuing this conversation and encourage you to discuss these issues with your manager, team, and colleagues. There are many ways to get involved in this work, we welcome hearing your feedback or ideas:

Email: Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO; or Liz Marsh, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff in the Office of the CIO.

Schedule a Meeting: Contact Margarita Zeglin, Executive Assistant.