ITSM Proposed Projects

We have documented the following requests for future ITSM-related projects but these projects have not yet been prioritized or gone through the IT governance process to become a funded project that will move toward implementation.

Note: this list is not prioritized and the size of the projects including the estimated time to complete each project are rough estimates only. 


Problem Management

Enable the Problem Management application to support root cause analysis and ITIL Problem Management processes Already licensed for this application. No current root cause analysis process exists. This application would support a Problem Management process improvement initiative blue dot = medium size project

Service Portal Upgrade

Upgrade the legacy ESS customer portal to the new Service Portal The new Service Portal is more accessible to screen readers and is much easier to navigate blue dot = medium size project

Instance Merger

Merge the Telecom and ITSM ServiceNow environments to a single instance Reduced confusion for customers, improved efficiency in operational maintenance for the environment orange dot = very large project
Very Large

Configuration Management

Mature the CMDB to include end user devices, datacenter infrastructure, etc A better-maintained CMDB will add value to the Incident, Problem, and Change Management processes blue dot = medium size project

Email Notification Improvements

Improve the templates used for email notifications The new templates have already been developed, but not deployed. They are easier to read and view on mobile devices.

Project & Portfolio Management

Enable the PPM application to support demand qualification, project tracking, and portfolio reporting Already licensed for this application. Improved ability to prioritize projects, greater visibility to project status for management. blue dot = medium size project

xMatters Integration

Expand the xMatters integration to more groups Improved notifications and escalations within IT

Multi-Campus Authentication

Enable InCommon logins for the UC System UC customers from other campuses will be able to log in to our environment. This is particularly useful for PCSSC blue dot = medium size project
CAB Workbench Activate the CAB Workbench to improve the change management review process Greater visibility to changes and the change planning process
HR Scoped Application Migrate the HR case management functionality to the new scoped application Will eventually be required to maintain vendor support gold dot = large project