IST Move to 2850 Telegraph

Due to the significant upcoming campus need for surge space, a few months ago campus leadership asked us to explore a move to 2850 Telegraph. While there are still some details to figure out, we now believe this move is viable. Campus would like us to make the move as quickly as possible, so we are targeting a move date of late summer/early fall. 

As a starting point, we have adopted the One IT Space Guiding Principles that the RTL organization developed, which will help guide our decisions as well as deal with the changes consistently and in the fairest ways possible. Please let us know if you have any questions and/or feedback about these principles.

One IT Space Guiding Principles

Space is a strategic asset and a key campus resource and should be used as such to support the mission and goals of the department and the institution. NOTE: For IST, this move is being driven by the campus needs to use Warren Hall as surge space for academic departments, and to save money by reducing the use of rental properties to house faculty and staff. We will be good stewards of this resource and make space decisions based on the following principles:

  1. IT space should be thought of holistically rather than departmentally.
  2. Co-location: Based on function and partners.
  3. Space must meet needs of the work (e.g. Telecom requires warehouse and vehicle storage; special paper storage needs for certain kinds of functions).
  4. Leverage technology to bring teams together (Zoom, good VC, etc.).
  5. Go paperless if possible: Don’t need multiple filing cabinets; 1 filing cabinet each.
  6. Right size space for the kind of work.
  7. Encourage mobility: working from home, mobile from spot to spot.
  8. Use adjustable and mobile furniture (wheels, wheels and more wheels!).
  9. Be creative (e.g. hoteling space, utilizing shared meeting rooms, alternating telecommute days, etc.).
  10. Review frequently and be flexible: Be prepared to move to meet business needs.
  11. Sharing will occur to maximize space; in general, working in closer proximity to others than in current space will be necessary.
  12. Create dynamic social and meeting space to encourage and facilitate collaboration and strengthen culture.

What We Know

Why are we moving?

  • Warren Hall was originally designed to be used as “surge space” when it was built in 2004. Warren Hall is a better location for surge space than 2850 Telegraph. IST is moving to 2850, rather than other campus units, because many of the functions and jobs we do can easily be done from that location. Other units on campus require closer proximity to campus to meet the needs of students and faculty.  
  • This decision was made by campus leadership (not OCIO/IST), and is non-negotiable.
  • There have been discussions over the years about moving everyone in IST to one location, for many beneficial reasons including to enable physical proximity between teams to support easier collaboration; to create a more inclusive culture across the organization and increase the feeling of unity among the teams; and to help managers be physically located their teams that are spread across multiple buildings. With Warren Hall employees moving for surge space reasons, we see this as an opportunity to bring this idea to fruition by consolidating teams from Warren Hall, 2484 Shattuck, and 2111 Bancroft (Banway) into 2850 Telegraph.
  • Campus will save close to $750K/year when we vacate the 2484 Shattuck Avenue location.
  • Moving out of Warren Hall will avoid IST needing to pay ~$1M for the chiller (HVAC) replacement. (The HVAC system at 2850 Telegraph works well!)

When will the move occur?

  • Our goal is to complete the move to 2850 Telegraph as early in the next fiscal year as possible (July/August 2018 is our target). We are still ironing out some details (new furniture and possible minor construction that may be needed) so we will know more in the next 3-4 weeks or so whether that timeframe is viable.

Will all teams be moving? All at the same time?

  • The Data Center and Data Center operations team will remain in Warren Hall.
  • All staff from Warren Hall (except the DC Operations team), 2484 Shattuck and some staff from Banway will move first.
  • Admin IT Staff currently working on UCPath will not move until next year in order to minimize disruption to the project.