2850 Move Update #4

June 4, 2018

Hi everyone,

Once again, sharing what we know in another 2850 move update.

The first meeting of the Move Committee will be held 6/11.  The list of committee members is below, and includes a representative from each department.  Please reach out to your representative with any important concerns or specific ideas prior to the 6/11 meeting.

  • Margaret Chester - Lead
  • Bruce Lorenzen - Telecom
  • Laurie Graham - Infrastructure Services
  • Bernie Rossi - API
  • Lyle Nevels - AdminIT
  • Jon Conhaim - OCIO
  • Daniel Grieb - Enterprise Data
  • Wood Foster-Smith - SIS
  • Summer Scanlan - ISP/Calnet
  • Meggan Levitt - RTL (Research, Teaching & Learning)

We realize that there’s a lot going on right now, and that the move will have an impact on everyone’s lives.  As an organization, we are in the process engaging with Civility Partners on ensuring a positive culture here at work.  We know there could be impacts to our work culture, both positive and negative, when we start looking at things like moving location, changing to a more ‘open’ design, and potentially increasing telecommuting for some people.  We will need to keep an eye on these impacts as we move ahead. Awareness is the first step, then intentional action based on this awareness to achieve our intended outcomes.

Liz received the first draft of the floor plan, and is now reviewing it for feasibility. This will entail physically walking the space, noting issues with the plan, and iterating with the space designer.  Liz is also negotiating with campus leadership regarding the timeline, to ensure we have adequate time to do things in a rational manner (at least that’s our hope!).

Finally, thank you for submitting your concerns, suggestions, and ideas!  We’ve received 50 survey responses so far, and the Move Committee will be focusing some of their time on reviewing the responses to ensure we address everything to the extent possible.  Some of the more frequent concerns expressed so far have to do with getting to work/parking, open design/cubicles/space/privacy/noise, proximity to campus/clients, security for groups with special needs, other specific departmental needs (like warehouse space and vehicle parking for Telecom), and technology infrastructure capability at 2850. If you have further input you’d like to provide and you prefer to submit it electronically, the google form remains available 24x7.

That’s all for this update, and we’ll provide another when we have more information to share.


Liz, Bill, and Dave