2850 Move update #6

July 24, 2018

Hi everyone!

We’re back with another 2850 move update. There is a lot of work that’s been happening behind the scenes in the last couple of weeks, and we are starting to get down into some of the nitty gritty details of the space plan. Over the last two weeks Directors and Move Committee members have been working with their teams to review the draft space plan, team location assignments, identify space requirements/requests and create a seating plan. If you haven’t heard yet about this work please reach out to your Move Committee member (see list below) for more information. We have a set of information that is due this Friday regarding Wifi vs. Ethernet requirements, other special networking requirements, printing needs and info about what phone lines need to be moved. This deadline is primarily being driven by the need to provide our finalized phone and data requirements to Telecom by August 15, as it will take approximately 4 months to complete the voice and data installation project.

We have hired a move consultant, Sarah McClendon, to help with things like inventorying existing available furniture in 2850 Telegraph, as well as identifying what of your current furniture you would like to bring with you to the new building, space permitting. We need to place a furniture order by the end of August in order to insure deliver by December, so Sarah will also develop a furniture order for us based on what we already have and what is still needed, so you may see her around in the next couple of weeks. We are still working on transportation and parking issues, and developing specs for installing video conferencing into some or all of the meeting rooms. We are also pursuing more information about bathrooms, and whether the number we currently have will meet code. We will keep you posted about progress on all of the above.

We hope that most of you have now had an opportunity to see the space at 2850 Telegraph;  if you haven't yet taken a tour, please talk to your manager or Move Committee rep (see list below) to arrange to do so.

That’s all for now, if you have questions or concerns please log them via this form so the Move Committee can review and address them. We’ll be back with another update soon!


Liz, Bill and Dave


Margaret Chester - Lead
Bruce Lorenzen - Telecom
Laurie Graham - Infrastructure Services

Blaine Isbelle - Data & Platform Services
Bernie Rossi - API
Lyle Nevels - AdminIT
Jon Conhaim - OCIO
Daniel Grieb - Enterprise Data
Wood Foster-Smith - SIS
Summer Scanlan - ISP/Calnet
Meggan Levitt - RTL (Research, Teaching & Learning)