2850 Move update #9

October 15, 2018

Dear IST Colleagues--

There have been some new developments on the IST move front since our last update that we want to share with you. Because of the concerns we’ve heard from you about the density of the original floor plan, we are modeling different options, which would include keeping some teams at Banway and the 3rd floor of Warren to make the 2850 space less crowded.

We have an initial mock-up of a reduced density floor plan that we will be sharing with Marc Fisher at our next meeting with him on October 25, as well as a rough budget estimate for the cost of the move. The budget will include things like the construction requests that were made in response to the original floor plan (e.g., constructing a few walls/partitions, making what is now a meeting room adjacent to the roof deck on the second floor into a collaboration lounge and creating a new meeting room next door, etc.) as well as construction of new bathrooms; furniture purchases; new telcom and electrical wiring; moving expenses, etc. If we get the green light to move forward with the reduced density plan, we will likely have to make some modifications to the 3rd floor of Warren, and possibly also to the space we have in Evans Hall, so would then have to develop a budget for any changes needed for those areas.

Our goal is to get campus-level approval for which space plan we will use, and for the associated budget, by late November at the latest, so we can proceed with all of the work that will be needed to enable a Summer 2019 move date. We appreciate all of the feedback you’ve been providing, and we’re using it to advocate for a solution that both meets campus needs to free up 2nd floor of Warren and get out of expensive retail space (2484 Shattuck) while also meeting our own organizational needs.

That’s it for now, please let us or your Move Committee Reps (below) know if you have any questions.


Liz, Dave and Bill


Margaret Chester - Lead
Bruce Lorenzen - Telecom
Laurie Graham - Infrastructure Services

Blaine Isbelle - Data & Platform Services
Bernie Rossi - API
Lyle Nevels - AdminIT
Jon Conhaim - OCIO
Daniel Grieb - Enterprise Data
Wood Foster-Smith - SIS
Summer Scanlan - ISP/Calnet
Meggan Levitt - RTL (Research, Teaching & Learning)