Cyber Security Month Tip of the Week #1: Never Send your Password in Email

October 4, 2013

A message from Larry Conrad, AVC-IT & CIO

Each member of the campus community plays a key role in protecting campus information assets. In appreciation of October National Cyber Security Awareness Month, please take the time to raise awareness among your customers and colleagues. Find information about the campaign at:

As IT professionals, we play a crucial role in educating our campus customers about the increasing threats to the campus data layer. Phishing emails and websites attempting to steal CalNet credentials pose the biggest security threats facing the UC Berkeley campus community. Each week in October we will send tips about protecting passwords.

The slogan for this week’s tip will be sent via CalMessages is: "Passwords in Email = Epic Fail" -- Never send your password in email.

Protecting your CalNet passphrase is one of your most basic (and most important) information security responsibilities. If your password is compromised, it can be used to attack other campus systems and put institutional assets at risk.

UC Berkeley and organizations that care about the protection of your information should never ask you to send your password, Social Security Number, driver's license number, health information or health insurance information via email. Decline requests to send this information in email.

Only YOU can PROTECT your CalNet passphrase!

For more information about protecting yourself from email scams visit: