Cyber Security Month Tip of the Week #2: Don’t Click Unexpected Links

October 9, 2013

A message from Larry Conrad, AVC-IT & CIO

Thank you for any efforts you have taken this past week to raise awareness among your customers and colleagues about phishing threats and the danger of sending passwords in email.

The slogan for week 2 of our October National Cyber Security Awareness campaign is:

"If you didn’t expect it, reject it" -- Don’t click unexpected links.

Be skeptical of any email messages you aren’t expecting. Password thieves may insist that immediate action is necessary and may pretend to be your friend or another trusted entity. Don’t let these tactics trick you into letting down your guard.

Please help spread the word that each member of the campus community plays a key role in protecting campus information assets. Downloadable fliers are available at:

Protecting your CalNet passphrase is one of your most basic, and most important, information security responsibilities. If your password is compromised, it can be used to attack other campus systems and put institutional assets at risk.

Remember, only YOU can PROTECT your CalNet passphrase!