Cyber Security Month Tip of the Week #5: Not sure if it’s a Phish? Drop us a Line!

October 31, 2013

A message from Larry Conrad, AVC-IT & CIO

Thank you for the efforts you have taken this month to raise awareness among your customers and colleagues about phishing threats.

'Phishing' schemes persist because they work. Unfortunately, there is no magic answer. To address this problem we shared tips about passwords in email, unexpected links, deceptive links, and verifying the CalNet authentication page.

What if you are still uncertain? That brings us to this week's tip:

Not sure if it’s a Phish? — Drop us a Line!

Forward the suspicious email to or call the CSS-IT Service Desk at 510-664-9000. This way our teams can block the email from the campus system and prevent others from falling victim to a phishing attack.

All of the cyber security month tips, along with downloadable fliers are available at

Please continue to help spread the word that each member of the campus community plays a key role in protecting campus information assets.

We would like to thank our colleagues in CSS-IT, ETS, and SAIT who used this opportunity as a way to educate campus IT customers about IT security. We’ve received numerous compliments about the messaging and outreach efforts to campus. This is a solid example of how the campus IT units can cohesively collaborate to achieve a common goal.

Hard copies of posters or postcards are available at the reception desk of Earl Warren Hall, 2484 Shattuck Avenue, or 41 Dwinelle.

Protecting your CalNet passphrase is one of your most basic, and most important, information security responsibilities. If your password is compromised, it can be used to attack other campus systems and put institutional assets at risk.

Only YOU can PROTECT your CalNet passphrase!