Data Center Network Maintenance Friday, May 21, 6-7 a.m.

April 27, 2021

One IT colleagues,

On Friday, May 21 at 6 a.m. (this time was updated on May 11), the network team will be performing work to migrate all layer three routing in the Warren Hall Data Center from the existing network core to the newly installed upgraded core. While we attempt to perform all work with as little disruption as possible, the nature of this change will require an expected 30 minute outage for data center connectivity while it is performed.

This work is being done to enable enhanced connectivity between the data center and the rest of campus and off-campus users. It will also enable improved performance within the data center and mitigate risk by allowing us to retire equipment which has reached the end of its useful life. This work will enable new services in the data center such as our expanded private cloud, secure research computing, and new storage services.

It is anticipated that within the outage window (6 - 7 a.m.) there will be a 30-minute disruption for connectivity between data center subnets. Individual servers and systems will not lose ethernet connectivity. Users will be unable to access services hosted within the data center. The rest of the campus network and associated services such as DNS, internet access, and Wi-Fi will continue to operate normally.

During this work we will coordinate with the One IT community via a slack channel within the OCIO/IST workspace:  #team-warren-dc-network-upgrade. If you would like this channel shared with your workspace, please contact Isaac Orr (details below). Questions, concerns, or comments regarding this work can also be directed to Isaac.

Isaac Orr
Manager, Network Operations and Services