Enabling Cars to See at Berkeley DeepDrive

May 11, 2018

How computers see is the through-line running from Lazar Supic’s Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade, to his UC Berkeley PhD in Nuclear Engineering, to his current work as a Postdoc in UC Berkeley’s DeepDrive Industry Consortium (BDD). His work has taken a path that began with computer vision in robots, moved to gamma-ray tracking in atomic reactions, and now focuses on machine learning for automotive perception.

The Berkeley DeepDrive Industry Consortium is an interdisciplinary effort focusing on deep automotive perception that spans the campus’s Institute of Transportation StudiesDepartment of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, the Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society (CITRIS), and the Berkeley Vision and Learning Center. Supic is a member of EECS Professor Vladimir Stojanovic’s research group, alongside fellow postdocs Rawan Naous and Ranko Sredojevic; Professor Stojanovic is among the faculty leading the BDD.