Going Google and Changes to CalMail

October 17, 2012

A message from Lyle Nevels, Interim AVC-IT and CIO

We are pleased to announce that final preparations for the campuswide introduction of Google Apps for Education, known as bConnected on our campus, are underway. Every CalMail user with an "@berkeley.edu" email address will be provided with bMail (email), bCal (calendar), and Drive for online file sharing and storage. Your bConnected account comes with 25 GB of personal storage and is accessible from your computer, your mobile device, or anywhere you have Internet access.

bConnected (Your Google Apps)

When will I get it? Sometime between October 22 and November 2, you will get an email to let you know your bConnected account is active. At that time you may log in and begin using bCal and Drive. Beginning in November, we'll initiate the move from CalMail to bMail.

How will I move to bMail? Following bConnected account activation, we'll begin the process to move each user's CalMail email archive and reroute incoming messages to bMail. To ensure that email data is transferred efficiently and securely and to minimize disruption, the email migration will be conducted in stages across the campus. Learn more at http://bconnected-project.berkeley.edu/migration/.

What will be moved? Mail sitting in your CalMail inbox as well as folders with saved messages will move from CalMail to your new bMail account. Because there are lots of email accounts and lots of saved data, this process will take time. But don't worry — you'll never be without email access, and we'll let you know when everything has moved from CalMail to bMail.

What should I do to get ready? You don't need to do anything to prepare for your bConnected account. Once your account is active, however, there are several tasks to complete to ensure your CalMail data is transferred correctly to your bMail. We'll let you know more when it's time to move your mail.

More information on using the bConnected tools, training and user support, and details on the transition from CalMail to bMail can be found on the bConnected Project website. If, after visiting the site, you have questions about this project, please email bConnected@berkeley.edu.

Information about how to log in to the bConnected applications will be provided, via a CalMail message, to each user as accounts are created.

Google Apps for Education (bConnected) is provided at no additional cost to faculty, staff, and students by the Operational Excellence IT Productivity Suite project.