Google Drive Security Update

July 23, 2021

Hello One IT,

Google will be applying a Google Drive security update on September 13, 2021. They will directly email the owners of the files impacted by this update (some of you may be included) with more specifics. We expect approximately 1/3rd of our Google users to receive one of these messages. Unfortunately, Google has not given us the ability to get a list of the users who own the affected files.

You may see some references in Google’s documentation and announcements to opting out of these updates. We will not be able to opt anyone/any files out of this update.

We plan to send an email to all Student, Faculty, Staff, and Affiliate Google accounts on Monday July 26, 2021. 

If any questions arise, please direct users to our 2021 Google Drive Security Update FAQs and the usual support channels

The bConnected Team