A #Haasome Time Had by All

April 20, 2016


Thank you for attending the #Haasome Technology Solutions One IT event at the Haas School of Business. We were thrilled to see more than 250 IT professionals and leaders come together, connect, and learn about the awe-inspiring technology used at Haas. View photos from the event

Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer, greeted the One IT community who gathered in the atrium of the business school. Kevin Cornish, Haas CIO, opened his remarks by saying, "It really makes me feel good seeing all these faces from around campus," then proceeded to cite how Haas continues to embrace technology with new and innovative technology solutions. This is fitting as the new name chosen for the combined Haas IT resources of computer lab, media center, IT Infrastructure Services, and help desk is Haas Technology Solutions. Richard Lyons, Dean of Haas School of Business, talked about the ever increasing importance of technology in both the business world and management education. Dr. Frank Schultz, Professor of Haas Core Programs, gave an example of the partnership between UC Berkeley and Google, and how technology increasingly benefits education, learning and research at Cal. Kevin closed the presentation by asking attendees to “Meet someone new today!” - one of the top reasons we host One IT events.

Attendees were ushered into the Expo by the charming “Haas-bot” robot, to view and experience the technologies used by Haas:

  • Technical Services which involve end-point device procurement and support, telecommunications, backup, collaboration support and assistance with personal productivity applications. Highlights include bCourses, Solstice display, and no-login lectern.

  • Media Services that manage the classroom technology key to Haas’ teaching and learning mission. Highlights are communication portapacks, and the Haas classroom technology virtual tour.

  • Infrastructure Team manages storage, server, network and core applications supporting Haas’ research, learning and teaching objectives. Highlights include a 3D printer, switch room, and main computer lab.

  • Solutions Design and Development team builds, configures and maintains a suite of custom solutions that support core business functions at Haas including business cases with SIS and CEE.

For more information on the Haas School of Business, please visit their website

See you at the IT Summit on May 24!


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