IST 2850 Telegraph Move Update #3

May 7, 2018

Hi everyone,

We’re back with another 2850 Telegraph move update for you!  

First off, thank you for your engagement. We are listening. One of the top things we have heard so far regards the timing of the move, and whether a summer move target was actually feasible. We also heard concern around the possible negative impacts of a rushed move on our people, process and technology. You are right - and while there is some urgency from campus to move we are also pushing back to help ensure we have enough time to make the move successful.  We want to let you know that we really don’t know yet when this move will happen. Originally we were trying to make a midsummer move work (at the request of VCA Marc Fisher) but we now realize that is just not realistic. A more likely date is sometime in the October/November time frame, but we don’t yet have enough of the details (e.g., how long it will take to order furniture, how long it will take to do any cabling or other work that may be necessary, etc.) worked out yet to be close to being able to confirm anything. We are now putting together the Move Committee team (see below), including Margaret Chester as the lead, and enlisting the TPO (the home of project management in OCIO) to create a work breakdown structure that will become firmer as we iterate on analysis with the move committee, campus experts and others who are helping us plan our move. We expect over the course of the next 4-6 weeks to have a much better sense of a realistic move date, and we’ll keep you posted as that becomes clearer.

In terms of the space itself, we are doing a final pass at team requirements before giving them to our space designer to do a first draft space layout. Once we get that, there will need to be further tweaks and iterations until we get to a solid design from which we can begin to plan other components (like furniture, cabling, etc.). We are working to get a visual representation of the space, and will share that with you when available.

We are excited to announce the creation of the official 2850 Telegraph Move Committee, which will include a representative from each IST department as well as an RTL rep. The committee members are:

  • Margaret Chester - Lead
  • Jon Conhaim - OCIO
  • Wood Foster-Smith - SIS
  • Laurie Graham - Infrastructure Services
  • Daniel Grieb - Enterprise Data
  • Blaine Isbelle - DPS (Database and Platform Services)
  • Meggan Levitt - RTL (Education/Teaching)
  • Bruce Lorenzen - Telecom
  • Lyle Nevels - AdminIT
  • Bernie Rossi - API
  • Summer Scanlan - IST/Calnet

The committee is charged with the following responsibilities

  • Assisting the department director by documenting the unit’s space/move needs and representing them on the committee.
  • Communicating move-related decisions/updates back to the department.
  • Reviewing and analyzing feedback from the organization as it comes in and aggregating/sorting/theming.
  • Helping to collect feedback and ensure issues are documented in the project issues log.
  • Making analysis and recommendations to management to about how to address issues.
  • Discuss and develop solutions as appropriate (e.g., form working groups to discuss food, parking/transportation, creating videos of new space to share with organization, organizing tours of the space, etc.).
  • Identifying and organizing work group volunteers.

While the Move Committee already has the people mentioned above, anyone is welcome to become a move project volunteer. There is a lot of work to do and we will need a lot of help, so we  encourage you to sign up to become a move project volunteer! If you sign up, the Move Committee will be in touch soon with more information about ways in which you can get involved with move planning.

That’s all for now, if you have questions or concerns please log them via this form so the Move Committee can review and address them. We’ll be back with another update soon!

Liz, Bill and Dave