IST Rate Increases Effective July 1, 2017

December 15, 2016

Dear Colleagues,

The purpose of this note is to communicate some increased charges for some of the services provided by Information Services and Technology (IST) that will take effect on July 1, 2017. We are announcing these changes now to give campus units a chance to plan for the increased charges and incorporate into their budget planning for FY 2017-18.

Over the past three fiscal years, and before the University’s structural budget deficit was widely understood, IST had cut its budget by $9M recurring to address most of a structural deficit that I inherited when I arrived at UC Berkeley in Feb. 2013. IST was successful in making these cuts by literally looking at every expense for the division. One of the ways we achieved those reductions is by eliminating all subsidies from recharge services, which make up about half of the IST budget. In addition, the hot local IT market in the Bay Area has driven up salaries in order to remain competitive and increase our ability to retain key staff. These factors require modification to rates for a number of IST recharge services, some of which are substantial. Please see the IST Recharge Rates table provided below for a summary of the changes.

In addition, towards the end of last fiscal year, IST had communicated the need to increase unit charges for the IT Productivity Suite (e.g. email, calendar, collaboration tools, and other software). The increase was necessitated by the ending of a ~$1M/year subsidy that had been provided by the Operational Excellence program. After the increase was announced, our, now former, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost approached me about “buying out” the increase for FY 2016-17. However, that was a one-year reprieve and we now need to proceed with increasing unit charges. Review the IT Productivity Suite Unit Charges table below summarizing the impact. Learn more about the IT Productivity Suite

We thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate these challenging fiscal times together. Please let IST CFO Terence Phuong ( or myself know if you have any questions.


Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer

Information Services and Technology (IST) Recharge Rates Effective July 1, 2017


FY17 Rate

Approved FY18 Rate

% Increase/(Decrease)

Database Services
   My SQL - Basic Service $14.00/application/month $40.00/application/month 186%
   Open Source Service $171.00/application/month $194.00/application/month 13%
   SQL Server Service $194.00/application/month $322.00/application/month 66%
   SQL Server - Add on for Dedicated instance $429 $521 21%
   Oracle Service $267.00/application/month $332.00/application/month 24%
   Oracle - Add on for dedicated instance $225 $216 -4%
   Oracle - Add on for dedicated VM $502 $633 26%
System Administration from DBA $90.00/hour $108.00/hour 20%
   System Administration DBA extended support pkg $330.00/pkg/month $396.00/pkg/month 20%
   Additional Storage with Backups (5GB)* $4.75 $5.85 23%
Voice Services
   ReadyTalk Cost/passthrough No longer supported
   Zoom (account fee) $2.85/account/month
   Zoom (usage) Cost/passthrough
   Voice Mail Basic $2.07/box/month $2.86/box/month 38%
   Voice Mail Enhanced $3.46/box/month $4.50/box/month 30%
   Fax Service $2.44/box/month $3.58/box/month 47%
System Administration
   System Administration UNIX and Windows $86.00/hour $90.00/hour 5%
Storage rates
   Performance Tier $0.20/GB/month  $0.16/GB/month  -20%
   Utility Tier $0.05/GB/month $0.04/GB/month -20%
   Blade Server provisioning $250.00/blade/month Discontinued
Cloud Computing Virtual Private Server
   VM Performance Tier storage $0.24/GB/month $0.19/GB/month -21%
   VM Utility Storage $0.06/GB/month $0.05/GB/month -17%

IT Productivity Suite Unit Changes


Annual Rates Annual % Increase
Rate per FTE per year FY17 FY18 FY19 FY17 FY18
IT Productivity Suite - Rate Change $64 $127 $132 98% 4%