IST Represents at Oakland A's Cal vs Stanford Night

September 24, 2018
IST at A's baseball Jeremy Rosenberg at A's baseball IST at A's baseball Rob Silva captured in a spirited moment Summer Scanlon at A's game

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and...IST! That may sound like an old jingle for a Chevy ad but this past Wednesday, CISO Jeremy Rosenberg, gathered a group of colleagues from across Information Services and Technology (IST) for Cal vs. Stanford night at the Coliseum and had a blast. No, they did not play hooky from work, they met purposefully out on a sunny, mid-70s evening to watch the Oakland Athletics win 10-0 over the LA Angels.

It started with an email invite from Jeremy in early August to gather interest. All IST staff were encouraged to join and to bring their family. Initially his message said “I’m looking for 15 people to join me.” And join they did! Over 42 people attended the game on Sept. 19 representing IST in the Cal section. Tickets were $30 each and located in the Lower Field Box behind home plate. Each person received a snazzy A’s/Cal hat included in the cost of their ticket (shown in these photos).

Several IST staff brought their families, significant others, or friends. Jen Bellenger from the bConnected team attended the game and, when asked about her favorite moments, she said, “It was exciting seeing who showed for the game because it was a mystery who had signed up. Now I know we have many die-hard A’s fans in IST, and hanging out with people outside the work environment was low-key and fun.”

According to Jen, bConnected pal Rob Silva played the role of Stanford heckler. If you haven’t seen him fired up at work, his spirited calls to the field and across to where Stanford attendees were seated was pretty entertaining. Jeremy had his glove in hand ready for any foul balls to hurl his way. Summer Scanlan brought the goods, for real! The group was surprised (and delighted) by the seemingly endless variety of healthy snacks that emerged from Summer’s backpack throughout the game that she generously brought to share with everyone. 

Jen confessed that this was only herfourthbaseball game ever and that her true love lies in bowling. If you missed the game, stay tuned for an invite to another IST outing sometime soon!