Moratorium Announcement from SIS Project Executive Steering Committee

February 10, 2015

Dear Campus Community,

In the fall of 2014, we began the implementation of a new Student Information System (SIS) for Berkeley—a multi-year initiative that is a critical building block for the transformation of the student experience. A key challenge is ensuring that students faculty and staff receive the information and services they need while we devote critical resources to keep the SIS project on schedule and on budget.

To address this challenge, the SIS Project Executive Steering Committee, in consultation with the Chancellor and Provost, is instituting a moratorium on new technology projects that tap into student services resources, effective March 1, 2015. The moratorium will have very few exceptions. This moratorium not only supports the best outcome for the project, but also aligns with our vision of building a common technology platform for both the academic and administrative enterprise.

How the moratorium will work
We will identify exemptions from the moratorium for projects central to the on-going function of the University's academic, research, and public service mission.  For example, a new online program, changes in regulations, or approved development on ongoing projects (e.g., CalCentral, bCourses) would be considered for exemption from the moratorium.

We will utilize the SIS project governance structure that is now in place to vet and assess requests. The high-level guidelines are posted on the project website:

Why your support matters
The SIS Project team requires campus functional and technical experts, as well as consultants with experience gained from implementing projects of this size and complexity at other universities. The campus units involved in delivering services provided by the current student systems are dedicating staff and other resources to the project; as such they will have bandwidth constraints and will need to focus on maintaining their current levels of support.

We also need to avoid “one-off” solutions that undermine our ability to build a truly integrated system—especially since the new system may well include the solution to the one-off problem.  Other challenges inherent in “one-off” solutions are the cost and complexity of integrating applications that were not developed with an integration strategy in mind.

We welcome your feedback as we work together to refine this process to ensure that we are responsive our campus’ needs. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

While the moratorium may create challenges in the short term, the rewards will be great. By continuing to work together, we will build integrated, best-of-class tools and technology that enable us to reimagine the possibilities of how we can best support our world-class institution.


SIS Project Executive Steering Committee

Cathy Koshland, Vice Chancellor, Undergraduate Education
Harry LeGrande, Vice Chancellor, Student Affairs
John Wilton, Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance
Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer
Rosemarie Rae, Associate Vice Chancellor, Administration and Finance and Chief Financial Officer

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