MoveComm Update #5

July 2, 2018

Hi everyone!  We’re back with another update about the move to 2850 Telegraph. A lot has been going on in IST this summer and we have continued to make progress on the move, with many people involved. In our ongoing effort to keep everyone in the loop and to be as transparent as possible, here are some things that have happened since our last message to you:

Floor plans!

We have received draft floor plans from the space planner. We shared the plans with directors and cleared them to share with their managers at the June 21 director meeting. All managers have now had a chance to see the space. Last Thursday we held an extended director and manager meeting at 2850 Telegraph where the agenda involved discussing the floor plan and walking the space. Meggan Leavitt from RTL gave a great tour of their 4th floor space and talked about why they made the choices they did, and Karen Kato walked people through the 6th floor SIS space where we convened in the open area that they often use for stand up meetings. Our goal is to have a finalized floor plan by mid-July, once we have feedback from managers and directors to the Move Committee. If anyone has not toured the space, please contact your Move Committee rep who can arrange a time for you to take a look!

One thing we’re finding is that once people get to experience the space themselves it gets a little easier to visualize. Here are some quotes from follow-up emails people sent after that meeting:

Great ideas. I also ran into someone from MEP and we toured together. To be honest, I think I was one of the skeptical people. But I am so excited now. Great digs, great vibe being with everyone. Now just fix the parking and I will be shouting from the top of the building. ~ Laurie Graham

I'd stress that we're trying to be more open. Having everyone in close proximity, we're hoping that chance encounters will lead to cross pollination of ideas, in turn leading to collaboration and creativity. I actually had this happen to me TWICE in the few hours I was at 2850 yesterday. (I ran into Mark, a new contact I made at the MEP session on Wednesday as I walked into the front door, and later after the tour, my leads ended up having a spontaneous standup meeting because we were all right there - we even joked about the 'power of 2850').  (Plus I had lunch yesterday at Saysetha on Telegraph and 63rd, and Mai Bunh Mi is at 6601 Telegraph...can we start a recommended lunch list?) ~ Walter Stokes

Next Steps

Now that all managers and directors have seen the draft floor plans and toured the space, we are pretty solid on what departments will be where. This leaves a good bit of discretion to the directors on how to manage who goes where in their areas of the building. I wanted to share the example of how the API Department is thinking about how to handle next steps. Bernie Rossi is the API Department's rep on the Move Committee. Bernie will be sitting down with all the API managers and anyone else who wants to talk with her 1:1 and using feedback to match the different teams and people to space based on their needs. She's now at the point where we expect to get a draft plan for API that will accommodate individual and team needs we know about. Once that's vetted with the managers and discussed at team meetings we will bring that back to the Move Committee and leadership who will be looking across departments and checking feasibility to make sure everything lines up. How each department handles this will differ - but your directors will be thinking about the approach so I shared what API is doing as an example. You should feel free to ask your Move Committee rep (the list by department is below) or your manager if you have questions or suggestions. In MoveComm (a/k/a Liz, Dave and me) we talked about making a video to help people be able to visualize things, and Karen Kato suggested keeping it simple by having people walk through the space and taking lo-fi video on their phones. We thought this was a great idea, so Bernie went over last Friday and took this this video for API. I think other departments will likely do the same. (One note: the furniture shown is what happens to be in the space currently, but may or may not be used based on departmental needs.)

Rumor quashing!  

Can't believe what you're hearing?  If something sounds concerning, please ask your Move Committee rep so we can address the issue or provide accurate information in our next update. Here are a couple things we're working on:

1) Bathrooms: We have heard concerns about the number of bathrooms. We are working with campus space planners to confirm that the number of facilities is OSHA compliant for the number of people at 2850 and will keep you posted. We are also going to put card readers in the stairwells so that people can move between floors more easily.

2) Parking & Transportation: The overall continuum of parking and transportation options is difficult, and we are still in process on this. We're looking at getting higher parking density in the parking lot via stacked parking with an attendant, and also looking into rental space in the neighborhood. We have a proposal from campus to purchase "street legal" golf carts to aid transport to/from campus. We learned that the Alta Bates shuttle that used to depart from 2850 has been discontinued, which (shuttle-wise) leaves the Macarthur Bart shuttle that leaves from Alta Bates proper (a couple blocks from 2850). Summer Scanlan (ISP’s Move Committee rep) has been mapping out transportation options and we plan to share that work as it is completed. The Telecom fleet will park at 2850 Telegraph (or nearby). There will be a small Telecom storage space in 2850 on the 2nd floor, plus a larger Telecom storage space in Evans Hall. Right now, we expect to secure multiple, schedulable on-campus meeting and hoteling spaces, including on the 3rd floor of Warren Hall, as well as in Sproul Hall, California Hall, and Dwinelle.

Move Timing

The reality is many things need to happen to effect the move and we are getting a better grip on what they are. If we can get all the right information to Telecom by mid-July, the soonest a move could happen is mid-November; and that would be a big push. Based on the best information we have today, our current expectation is a move is likely to occur sometime mid-November to early December. We still have some dependencies to figure out, and we still need to talk more with all the teams to make sure we pick a time that is least disruptive to people’s work. It is likely we will move in stages rather than all at once.

Keep the feedback coming!

The Move Committee is maintaining an issues list, so you may submit anything to our form (which is still open!) or talk to your department's rep to get issues, ideas or questions logged.

Sincerely, Liz, Bill and Dave -- A/K/A "MoveComm"

Margaret Chester - Lead
Bruce Lorenzen - Telecom
Laurie Graham - Infrastructure Services
Blaine Isbelle - Data & Platform Services
Bernie Rossi - API
Lyle Nevels - AdminIT
Jon Conhaim - OCIO
Daniel Grieb - Enterprise Data
Wood Foster-Smith - SIS
Summer Scanlan - ISP/Calnet
Meggan Levitt - RTL (Research, Teaching & Learning)