Please review: Guidelines for IT Support During COVID-19 Recovery

August 28, 2020

One IT Colleagues,

Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the Chancellor has consistently stated that the number one planning principle has been to protect the health of our campus community. As more people are returning to campus, the Office of the CIO is committed to continuing to serve the campus community’s technology needs while upholding this principle and maintaining the health and safety of our campus IT staff. To that end, as part of the IT Recovery team effort, we have developed the Guidelines for IT Support During COVID-19 Recovery at UC Berkeley (IT Support Guidelines) with feedback and input from several members of our One IT community.

The guidelines were written to help our distributed IT staff across One IT have agency over protecting their work environment as well as the spaces of the campus community they serve. We presented these guidelines to the Recovery Management Team/Cabinet, where they were approved. We have also shared them with the Council of Deans to solicit their feedback, as well as to ask for their support in adopting the guidelines. 

Guidelines: A Living Document

If you notice anything that has been missed in the IT Support Guidelines or if new items come to light that need to be addressed as the semester progresses, please let us know. You can send suggestions to Noah McGee at

I want to offer my thanks to the members of the One IT community who helped bring these guidelines to life over the last month. If you have questions or comments about the guidelines, please feel free to reach out to me.



Jenn Stringer
Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer