Register for UC Tech

October 30, 2020

Hello One IT Community,

The next UC Tech Virtual Event hosted by UCLA will be held on Nov. 10, 2020. The theme is The Power of 10: Stronger Together and topics will include: Leveraging the Cloud, Communication, Community and Collaboration.


Register today. If you already have an account on the website, login, and then register for the Nov. 10 event.

If you have not been to the site before, create an account, then login (look for an email with a one-time login link), then register for the event. (Creating an account is only the first step! Don't stop there.)

Check out the schedule. There will be keynotes, breakout sessions, opportunities to hear from some of the Sautter Awardees, music and fun during the break and social hour, plus opportunities to connect with some of our generous sponsors


Join the conversation on the UC Tech Conference Slack Channeland be sure to connect with UC Tech 2020 on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Kind regards,

Jon Conhaim, UC Tech Ambassador for Berkeley

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