Reimagining IT Update #1: Implementation Updates

September 28, 2017

Reimagining IT Strategic Plan

Dear One IT Colleagues,

We are excited to provide you with an update on the Reimagining IT Strategic Plan implementation and to invite you to our next Open Seminar on Thursday, Oct. 12, from 10:30 a.m. to noon in Sibley Auditorium. We will host a pizza lunch in the Sibley lounge immediately following the seminar to continue the discussion for those who want to catch up and talk with campus colleagues.

The beginning of this academic year marks the start of our three-year implementation of the plan through 2020. For this semester, we are focusing on the following five priorities to move ahead:

1. Securing the Guidance and Buy-in of Campus Leaders

As a reminder, we had a chance to present the plan to our new Chancellor, Carol Christ, at the July 18 One IT Summit. We have now completed work at a high level to map our Reimagining IT Strategic  plan goals to the Chancellor’s goals. We are pleased to report that in the last several weeks we have had very encouraging and helpful conversations with our new Executive Vice Chancellor Provost, Paul Alivisatos, and new Vice Chancellor for Finance, Rosemarie Rae, and in the next week we will meet with our new Vice Chancellor for Administration, Marc Fisher. It is clear from these conversations with campus leadership that the next six months will be a very important time for the campus in defining its priorities for the next several years, and that we will need to make sure that the plan supports these priorities and helps to inform the campus. Campus leaders have offered their strong support to help move parts of the plan ahead while we work with them to align with developing campus strategies, especially in the areas of organization and finance.

2. Launching Foundational Tactics

Since July, we have worked with IT leaders to launch the first phase of Foundational Tactics, projects in support of the goals and strategies identified in our plan. A number of Tactics are moving ahead briskly; some are still in development; some have been completed; and several new Tactics have been added based on important campus priorities. We will give an update on this at the upcoming Open Seminar.  

3. Defining Success and Metrics for Our Goals

During the planning process last year many members of the One IT community strongly urged that we have clear metrics of success for the plan, especially around our three goals. We are in conversation now with campus and IT leaders about what success should look like. We will share with you an early version of options at the Open Seminar on Oct. 12, and subsequently be soliciting your feedback on what you think is most important.

4. Putting an Agile Program in Place

To help the community implement the plan requires that we support many staff who are leading Tactics (projects), that we connect to the work that many departments are doing, and that we regularly align with campus highest priorities. We have been working to develop an agile program management structure which draws on existing IT staff and will allow us to balance governance from campus leadership with bottom-up leadership from One IT over the next three years.

5. Communications and Campus Engagement

With this message we are kicking off a new round of communications about Reimagining IT implementation. You will be receiving short updates every other week about Re IT implementation and be able to find these stories on our website. We particularly want to ask IT professionals who are leading Tactics or helping in other ways with reimagining IT in their units to tell their --- our collective --- story. We are inviting a number of campus leaders to come speak to the IT community as part of a new Reimagining IT Campus Speaker Series. We’ve also asked members of the latest ITLP cohort, who have been energetically involved in thinking about implementation, to help further design a next round of campus engagement strategies.  

Thanks to all of you who have helped to kick-off this implementation. We look forward to hearing from you at the Open Seminar.

Warm Regards,

Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer
David Greenbaum, Director, Reimagining IT

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