Reimagining IT Update #5: IT Service Catalog

November 29, 2017

IT catalog graphic of services

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One IT Colleagues,

In our last Reimagining IT update, we provided progress being made on the Telling Our Story project. One key resource we have to help tell our story on campus is the IT Service Catalog. Launched last December, we have made this the primary destination for our customers to learn about and access a variety of technical services and products.

The gateway to the IT Service Catalog is and continuous improvement of the catalog is a tactic supporting Strategy 5 of our strategic plan:

  • Campus User Experience:Tell our story. Make our services easier to discover and use. Improve the campus user experience.

We integrated customer feedback prior to and soon after the launch of the catalog last year adding in better search functionality last spring. Now we are undergoing several activities to identify additional improvements that can be made to better serve our campus community:

  • Online Feedback: We added a survey to the IT Service Catalog to gather input from users when they are on the site. If you have suggestions for improvement please fill out this short survey
  • UX Testing: In November, we conducted in-person user testing with a number of non-technical faculty, staff, and students to better understand how they use the catalog and to identify any problems that they have when looking for information about campus IT services. We are in the process of analyzing the results to determine which improvements should be made to the catalog.
  • Google Analytics: Reviewing the past year of data from the IT Catalog available through the site analytics tool helps us better understand visitors to the site, providing info like the top hit pages/services searched, user behavior flow, and even heat maps that can tell us if there are areas of the service catalog that are not useful. 
  • Knowledge Author Workshops & Content Review: We are working with the knowledge management community to standardize how we write about IT services to better tell our story to a non-technical audience (integrating any feedback from the above efforts). We will be reviewing existing catalog content with the knowledge authors to identify and revise service pages that need to be updated.

All of these activities will help inform updates we will make to the IT Service Catalog with a goal of launching the next version of the catalog in January. We believe that clarifying how we talk about services, simplifying our processes, then being proactive in getting our services in front of customers via the catalog and other channels will help improve customer service, building trust with the campus community.

Sponsored by Liz Marsh, Director of Strategic Initiatives and Chief of Staff for the Chief Information Officer (CIO), the IT Service Catalog is managed by Rita Rosenthal, Communications Manager in the Office of the CIO. Contact if you have questions about the catalog or be sure to fill out the feedback survey if you have specific ideas for improvement.

These email updates are a way to share snapshots of Re IT implementation progress while our Open Seminars are an opportunity to hear progress on strategies and tactics in person from the folks leading those efforts. Please join us for the next Open Seminar on Thursday, December 14, 10-11:30 a.m. in 150 UHall


Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information OfficerRita Rosenthal, Communications Manager in the Office of the CIO

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