ReIT Program Update #17

October 17, 2018

One IT Colleagues,

As we move into fall we reflect on recent productive changes the campus has gone through, progress the One IT community has made implementing the ReIT Strategic Plan, and the work ahead of us as we near the end of 2018. This month’s digest shares some major milestones on tactics, the development of the Diversity and Inclusion strategy, and a great way for you to share successes about your project.

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Defining Ideas for Strategy 7: Diversity and Inclusion

The two Strategy 7: Diversity and Inclusion workshops (led by Gabe Gonzalez, Liz Marsh, and Traci Young on July 31 and Sept. 25) resulted in the formation of a new D&I Superhero Team (a group of staff volunteers meeting to help develop key ideas and recommendations). Members include Traci Young, April Wolford, Katy Maloney, Gladys Oddoye, and Zed Lopez. The charge for the team is to review, summarize, and synthesize all of the input from the workshops, and create a document that themes and organizes the input. The Superhero Team will make preliminary recommendations about further work needed, which will inform development of appropriate ReIT tactics for Strategy 7.

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IT Service Management (ITSM) Tiger Team

The ITSM Program, led by Rich Meyer, has been working on multiple strands of work over the last year: Incident Management, Major Incident Management, Knowledge Management, Service Request Fulfillment, Change Management, and developing an underlying data model to support these processes. Last year, an Incident Management Tiger Team was formed including Dave Browne, Amit Singh, Colette Jackson, Walter Stokes, Phil Mahoney, Noah Wittman, Jon Hays, Noah McGee, Kellie Waters, Tony Roybal, Terri Kouba, and Rich Meyer. Their charge is to develop the strategy and goals for our Incident Management process, design campus standards around those strategies, deploy the standards and measure their impact, and then implement related continuous service improvement processes. Read Full Tiger Team News | Learn more about the ITSM Program

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Departmental Priorities and IT Priority Initiatives

IT departments have submitted their priorities for FY 18-19, for a total of ~210 priorities in 22 IT departments across campus. The ITLG and SLC met on Oct. 3 to review the departmental data in preparation for a ReIT workshop to be held on Oct. 25. At the workshop we will work together to further review and summarize the departmental priorities, and will come up with a proposed list of the Top Campus IT Priority Initiatives. To review all IT departmental priorities, see the Master List: ReIT/Departmental Priorities

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Learn How to Create Accessible Apps

Join us for a Mobile App Accessibility Workshop on Thursday, Oct. 25 from 10-11:30 a.m. at AIS (sponsored by ReIT Strategy 7: Diversity & Inclusion). Lucy Greco, our very own Web Accessibility Evangelist, will be facilitating a fun, interactive workshop on how to make sure your apps are accessible and useful to everyone. Light refreshments will be served. Learn more and register by Oct. 24

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Wi-Fi Upgrade Project

Isaac Orr presented at ITLG on Oct. 10 and provided a progress report on the network backbone upgrade, which is foundational to the Wi-Fi Upgrade Project. The team has been busy implementing software, getting firewalls in place, and gradually working their way through campus to get core routers replaced with a plan to have most done by early in 2019. The goal of the overall Wi-Fi Upgrade Project is to double the density of our Wi-Fi network throughout campus over the next several years to improve performance and reliability, improve the campus user experience, increase the efficiency of our networking services, and better support teaching and research. View Wi-Fi Project Map

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Your Time to Shine: ReIT Tactics to be Featured in the Annual Report

The Annual Report is an important document to demonstrate our progress toward the ReIT goals. Are you leading a ReIT tactic that is making great progress this year? Do you have a team member, staff member or colleague you’d like to highlight who is making a difference in reaching our ReIT goals? If your project is ...

  • Supporting campus teaching, research, and public service.
  • Maximizing efficiency and effectiveness of IT services.
  • Creating an IT organizational model to help accomplish the ReIT Plan.
  • Telling our IT story or improving the user experience.
  • Helping One IT professionals develop skills to create IT solutions for campus.
  • Integrating equity, inclusion, and diversity into all areas of One IT.

… we want to hear from you!  We will be developing the Annual Report content for Reimagining IT over the next few months, and we want to share your successesSubmit your story ideas today | CIO Annual Report Archives

The deadline for submissions for the CIO Annual report is
Friday, Nov. 16. Each of us plays an important role in how we communicate about our ReIT efforts, please help us tell our story in celebration of how far we’ve come over this past year!


David Greenbaum, ReIT Director