ReIT Program Update #19

December 18, 2018

Seasons Greetings,

It was great to see so many of you (around 80 One IT staff total) gathered at our Dec. 6 Open Seminar. Thank you for your good questions, suggestions, and conversation! This month’s digest provides a summary of our last gathering for 2018 and some updates as we head into the new year.

ReIT one pager presented at Dec. 6 open seminar

Open Seminar Recap

Following introductory comments by Larry Conrad, we reviewed the status of the ReIT Plan updates. The Objective, Goals, and Strategies have been modified, and a new set of IT Priority Initiatives has been added. Read more about this in the next story below. Isaac Orr presented the Wi-fi Upgrade project, Rich Meyer walked through the progress in the ITSM program, Ronnie Ong talked about the bSecure project, and the Diversity and Inclusion Superhero Team (Traci Young, April Wolford, Katy Maloney, Gladys Oddoye, Cristóbal Olivares, Darin Clarke, Jovie Soliman and Rob Silva) shared the results of their work thus far. Review Seminar Slide Deck | Progress Reports | Tactics Dashboard

So much good work has been accomplished this year, and we thank you all for your contributions. See the updates below for a snapshot of activities in One IT. 

priorities circular graphic

Updating the ReIT Plan to Align with the New Campus Strategic Plan

On Dec. 12, the campus announced its new 10-year Strategic Plan. ReIT has been waiting for this critical publication so that the One IT community can finish the update and alignment of our ReIT Strategic Plan to the key vision and goals of the campus plan. On January 9, 2019 a group of about 60 IT leaders across One IT will meet for an all-day workshop to update the ReIT Plan in light of the campus plan. We will discuss the proposed new ReIT Objective, Goals and Strategies, and determine the Top IT Priority Initiatives for the next 18 months. Please review the draft proposed revisions of the ReIT one-pager. If you have questions or comments, talk with your manager or director so that your input can be brought forward to the workshop.

photo from DLS website

What’s Up RTL?

Some notable Research, Teaching, and Learning (RTL) activities over the past six months include bringing on a new partner with Digital Learning Services (DLS), providing digital learning design, development and delivery services for faculty and departments; HD upgrades in dozens of classrooms across campus; and a successful pilot using Analytical Environments on Demand (AEoD) virtualized workstations in the School of Education and School of Public Health. On the horizon, a new director of the Center for Teaching and Learning will be appointed, new Academic Innovation Studio (AIS) rooms are opening, and a new multi-year project funded by the Student Tech Fund to improve course capture is just getting started. More successes to come in 2019!

wi-fi upgrades in progress

Wi-Fi Network Upgrade Project

An important tactic under Strategy 2 of our ReIT plan related to Service Efficiency is our Wi-Fi Upgrade Project. The goal is to double the density of our Wi-Fi network throughout campus over the next several years to improve performance and reliability, improve the campus user experience, increase the efficiency of our networking services, and better support teaching and research. Do you want to learn more about how the project is progressing? Wondering where upgrades have already occurred and what’s left to do? Take a look at the new project site: Wi-Fi Network Upgrade Project | View Wi-Fi Project Map

IT Summit 2019 logo

Save the Date: One IT Summit 2019

The One IT Committee is already hard at work defining and preparing for our annual IT Summit, scheduled for June 6, 2019. This year, the summit will focus on Diversity and Inclusion, and will highlight planned projects, programs in various departments, and issues we are grappling within our community. Watch for details in the weeks to come but for now, add IT Summit 2019 to your bCal.

Best wishes to all of you over the holiday break. Enjoy time with your families and friends. We look forward to coming back in January with renewed energy and commitment to continue to Reimagine IT.

David Greenbaum, ReIT Director