ReIT Program Update #20 - See the Revised Plan

February 28, 2019
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Update of ReIT Plan: Aligned with Campus Strategic Plan and Informed by IT Leaders Across the Campus

We are pleased to release a major update of the ReIT Strategic Plan. This version is now more closely aligned with the campus’s new Strategic Plan, which was released in December 2018. It also draws deeply from, and includes, the top priorities of 23 campus IT units. Approximately 75 IT leaders from across the campus helped to shape this update to the plan in workshops and meetings held from Oct. 2018 through Feb. 2019. We thank these individuals and groups for their engagement and highly valuable input: ReIT Strategic Leadership Council (SLC), the IT Leadership Group (ITLG), the Diversity and Inclusion Superhero Team, alumni of the IT Leadership Program, and a range of others.

The new plan includes a direct mapping to the campus’s long-term vision statement and its three major strategies. We have updated the One IT Goals to match these three strategies and added a fourth, fundamental goal: to sustain the IT foundation of infrastructure, systems, and tools that support students, faculty, staff, alumni, and, ultimately the public. The Top campus IT Priorities for the remainder of the fiscal year (FY19) are articulated along with operational and project Tactics for 23 campus IT departments. All of this work is guided by the same foundational principles and values of the campus strategic plan.

In the near future we will meet with campus IT units to help make the connection of their work to the ReIT and campus plans. We will also work with units to update departmental priorities for FY20. Late this fiscal year and/or the beginning of next fiscal year IT Leaders will update the top campus IT Priorities for FY20. The Jan.-July timeline lays out these and other important dates for the rest of this semester.  

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A Year in Review

In case you missed it, the CIO Annual Report was sent out at the end of Jan. and highlights much of the work and progress made in 2018 toward our ReIT goals. Take a look at the report to review all that we accomplished last year. Much gratitude to all of you for your hard work and dedication. We would not be able to make such great progress without the collaborative efforts of the One IT community! flip through report | download/print PDF | text only version

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Progress Made by Diversity & Inclusion Superheroes

The Diversity and Inclusion Superhero Team wrapped up their work with workshop activities at the Jan. 9 ReIT Workshop. Traci Young, April Wolford, Rob Silva and Katy Maloney will co-chair and facilitate a new Diversity and Inclusion Work Group for the remainder of the year. They will focus on identifying, prioritizing, and making recommendations for tactics that can be started yet this year, analyzing the requirements and timeline. Read the D&I Superhero Workshop material.

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One IT News & Events

Remember to check out the news and events posted on the Technology @ Berkeley website to stay informed. The One IT Calendar includes upcoming events and professional development opportunities:

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David Greenbaum, ReIT DirectorLarry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information Officer