ReIT Update #8: UX Testing of IT Service Catalog

February 15, 2018

One IT Colleagues,

UX Testing Project MilestonesThis is the first in a three-part update series on the IT Service Catalog Continuous Improvement Project. As reported in December (ReIT Update #5), three important activities are underway: UX Testing, Google Analytics, and Knowledge Author Workshops & Content Review. This week’s update is about UX Testing.

This work supports:

Strategy 5:  Campus User Experience; and Tactic S5001: Improve the IT Service Catalog informed by UX principles that includes all campus-wide IT services.

Testing Objectives

The project team defined our testing objectives (questions) as:

  • What kinds of information are users seeking or questions are they asking about the campus IT Services?
  • How do people find the service catalog? Do they find the service catalog when looking for IT help?
  • Are the service pages providing the information that users want? Is information missing?
  • Can user’s reach their goals of ordering a service or getting help through the IT service catalog?  
  • Are we using the right terminology in the catalog?  

About the Testing

The team facilitated in-person tests with 11 non-technical faculty and staff. We observed users performing several scenarios the catalog was designed to support and recorded what we saw with video and analog note taking.  

The scenarios were designed to understand how users get IT help they need generally and how the IT Service Catalog supports meeting those needs. We had participants engage in user-defined tasks and facilitator-defined tasks. As in many other practices, previous behavior is a much better predictor of future behavior than asking users what they think they would do. So we began by asking users to tell us about a few experiences they have had getting IT help over the last 6 months and then asked them to show us what they did. If they didn’t use the catalog, we followed up by asking them to show us how they would get help using the catalog. We also asked questions to understand if and what they knew and/or expected of the catalog.

Where We Are Now

We are in the midst of analysis. We gathered many observations as discussed at the Open Seminar on Feb. 1 and will be sharing our overall findings in a report along with the insights gained from Google Analytics on the site which is the gateway for the IT Service Catalog.

Questions about the UX testing project for the IT Service Catalog can be directed to Daphne Ogle at

Future ReIT updates will continue to focus on progress with tactics related to the IT Service Catalog.


Larry Conrad, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and Chief Information OfficerDaphne Ogle, Senior Service Experience Designer, Educational Technology Services

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Additional Resources

How to Conduct a Heuristic Evaluation, Jacob Neilsen, creator of evaluation technique
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