Resolved: Campus Wi-Fi Issues

September 15, 2021

Status on Wi-Fi as of Oct. 4 - We recognize that the ongoing issues with our Wi-Fi network are having a negative impact on instruction and learning, and have been working hard to resolve them as quickly as possible. The Wi-Fi issues have a number of underlying causes, making resolving the problem complex. 

Visit System Status for the latest updates

Since fixes to the system were installed Sept. 8, the Information Services and Technology team has worked with the campus Wi-Fi vendor and campus stakeholders to monitor and check the Wi-Fi infrastructure and faculty/student experiences while using Wi-Fi. During that time, Wi-Fi on campus has been reliable and stable, and reports of widespread disruptions to Wi-Fi service across campus have stopped. The Wi-Fi infrastructure will continue to be monitored closely as we work with the vendor to permanently address specific issues at the root of the problems experienced. A careful, measured approach to this work will be taken to avoid further disruption to the campus community. Support for instructors who encounter Wi-Fi issues will remain a priority.

There are still some reports of issues by individuals experiencing difficulty while connecting to Wi-Fi. To ensure the best connection to Wi-Fi, please select Eduroam as your wireless network. There are a few steps to complete initially, but after you have connected to Eduroam the first time your device should automatically connect whenever it is available to you. Step-by-step instructions are provided here. If you follow these steps and continue to experience issues connecting to Eduroam, please contact IT support for assistance.

Additional resources:

  • Print this campus Wi-Fi map to find areas covered by Wi-Fi, including outdoor spaces.

  • Check System Status whenever you encounter a technical issue, this is the go to website where we share info on campus system outages.

  • Wi-Fi upgrades will continue when funding is approved, learn more about this project.