Thanks for playing! Do you want to do that again?

October 29, 2020

graphic for staff appreciation event with people and stars

One IT colleagues,

screenshot of One IT members and their game facesIt was great to see many of you (and your AWESOME game faces - see image on the right) last week during our One IT Staff Appreciation celebration. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the experience and wanted to follow up with a few items for those who may have missed the event and to get your input about doing another event like this in the future. 


Want to play again?

  • Let us know - take this 10-second survey to let us know if we should play Go Game Remote (or something like it) again in the future.

  • Other ways to connect to de-stress and have fun - our One IT community has some great ongoing events to help break up the day between Zoom meetings and talking to your kids or your pet:

    • Marc Pechaitis and the SIS Team help brighten your day with great music during the Listening Party each Monday at noon. You can even be a guest DJ!

    • Patricia Juárez leads a weekly Meditation Session on Wednesdays, 5-6 p.m. to help calm the mind, body, and spirit.

    • Kerry Hays hosts a bi-weekly virtual game event, usually on Wednesdays at noon, but next week it will happen on Thursday at noon due to the Veterans Day holiday.

    • Join Slack to tap into some fun social channels:

      • #social-furiends - pet lovers unite!

      • #social-garden-party - share what’s growing in your garden.
      • #social-water-cooler - whatever you’d talk about in the breakroom.

      • #shoutouts and Pay IT Forward - to celebrate the great work of colleagues.

    • Remember: the One IT calendar is chock full of events like the ones listed above plus professional development opportunities, and more. See you at the next CIO Open Forum on Nov. 12

Thanks for all you do. And, thanks for playing!



Jenn Stringer, Associate Vice Chancellor for IT and CIO

One IT Committee

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