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UC Berkeley faculty, staff, students, and certain affiliates are eligible for @ Berkeley accounts through G Suite for Education, which provides integrated email and calendaring services. Mailing Lists, Departmental Domain and On-Premise Email Services are also available for eligible accounts. The table below provides a comprehensive list of the available options.

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Email bMail (the Berkeley brand for Gmail) is the campus-wide email service for current students, faculty, staff and eligible affiliates, which provides email addresses. bMail integrates with other G Suite applications including bDrive and bCal and can be accessed via the web or mobile app. Use a CalNet Special Purpose Account (SPA) to create a shared email account.
Calendar bCal (the Berkeley brand for Google Calendar) is UC Berkeley's online calendar service for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and retirees. bCal provides a convenient way for users to share and publish calendars, schedule appointments and recurring meetings, create and manage events, and book conference rooms and equipment. bCal integrates with bMail and other Google applications and can be accessed via the web or mobile app.
Mailing Lists bConnected Lists (the Berkeley brand for Google Groups) is a mailing list service for students, faculty, staff, alumni, and retirees. bConnected Lists integrates with Google applications, making it easy to share calendar events with your Group through bCal, or documents via Google Docs or Drive. Departments may also want to make use of the CalGroups - Google Sync feature offered by the CalNet team.
Departmental Domain Email Service The Departmental Domain Email Service is available to academic departments and administrative units that want to offer and maintain separate email addresses for their departmental domain (e.g. becomes an alias for
Enterprise Email Service The Enterprise Email Service involves managing the bConnected On-Premise (bCOP) service, which is an on-premise SMTP server offered to campus services/hosts to meet outbound email sending needs such as bulk sending or private IP network connection. It also includes offering guidance for enterprise-wide mailing list management and configuration.
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