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Summer of Learning

This year we are pleased to be launching a series of professional and personal development opportunities throughout the summer. You will have the opportunity to register for these offerings as they are announced. As always, you can check the One IT Calendar for upcoming offerings that may be of interest to the campus IT community.  Information is subject to change.

Telling Our Story - Creating Value Propositions with Your Customers

Presenter: Jon Conhaim, Program Manager, Technology Program Office
Date/Location: May 10, 2018 from 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., 370 Dwinelle Hall 
Sign up using this online registration form (space limited to 20 participants). 

This workshop will teach you how to work with your customers and fellow team members to create value propositions. A value proposition is a statement of commitment to your customers and key stakeholders of the value delivered by your service, or created by your project, and how they receive these benefits. Value propositions serve as the foundation for the stories that we tell about our services and projects. During this interactive workshop, you will learn to create value propositions that:

  • Help key stakeholders and customers understand why your service or project is important to them.
  • Concisely state how your service or project simplifies the work of your customers and stakeholders and helps them achieve the goals they care most about.
  • Help service and project teams transform from a collection of individuals working on a set of tasks to a group with a shared and focused vision of what they are trying to collectively accomplish.

Hands-On Introduction to Touchpoint Mapping

Presenter: Daphne Ogle, Senior Service Experience Designer, and Judith Stern, User Experience Designer, Educational Technology Services
Date/Location: June 1, 2018, from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m., 127 Dwinelle Hall (Academic Innovation Studio)

How can you get a comprehensive view of your program or service across multiple user types and dimensions? Touchpoint mapping is a technique that centers on interactions: all the ways (physical, digital, and interpersonal) that people “touch” a particular service or organization and, ultimately, how effective or valuable those are. The result is a powerful tool for organizing and sharing knowledge, identifying gaps or opportunities for engagement, and informing strategic decisions (about assessment/data collection, activity changes, and effort and resource prioritization). With this hands-on workshop, you'll be off and running in no time. Food and beverages will be served. 

Foundations of Data Science: Prediction and Machine Learning (online course offered through UC BerkeleyX)

Presenter: UCBerkeleyX
Date/Location: Starts July 9, 2018/Online 

Enroll online through edX

Learn how to use machine learning, with a focus on regression and classification, to automatically identify patterns in your data and make better predictions.