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Campus IT Funding Request Process

The IT Funding Request Process is an activity-based, integrated part of the campus budget process. In this process, IT requests are evaluated and prioritized by the Campus Technology Council (CTC) and the Chief Information Officer (CIO). The CTC's annual review of IT funding requests allows for discussion, with broad campus input represented by the Associate CIOs, about which funding requests can best benefit the campus as a whole. Over time, this process will result in a more comprehensive view of campus IT priorities, a view against which funding decisions that will maximize UC Berkeley's IT investment can be made.

It is strongly recommended that those requesting IT funding discuss their requests with their respective Associate CIOs before finalizing their requests. IT funding requests are submitted to the requester's respective Control Unit, which then submits the IT funding requests to the Office of the CIO at IT funding requests are due to the Office of the CIO when Control Unit budgets are due to the Campus Budget Office.

The CTC uses a set of criteria to evaluate funding requests. The areas evaluated include:

Following the CTC review, the CIO discusses his funding priorities with the Chancellor, Vice Chancellor—Administration & Finance, and Associate Vice Chancellor—Budget and Resource Planning, based upon the recommendations made by the CTC. The Chancellor determines the IT Bank block grant and approves final allocations. The Chancellor established the IT Bank with temporary funding in FY 2007–08 to support the campus's top IT initiatives.

An overview, instructions, criteria, forms, and samples for IT funding requests are available at:

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