Research Computing (HPC, Cloud, AEoD)

The Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) program offers consulting and resources that ensure campus researchers are matched to computing and data resources that meet the needs of their specific projects. BRC facilitates access to: Berkeley's HPC shared condo cluster, Savio, plus national HPC resources; cloud computation offered by commercial vendors and national programs; web-accessible analytics environments; fast data transfer and inexpensive storage for large data sets; and, flexible computing solutions that smooth the transition between use of all these resources.

National providers of HPC resources include XSEDE. Cloud vendors include Amazon, Azure, and Google; while national providers of cloud services include JetStream, Comet, and Bridges. Assistance with computational aspects of grant proposals is offered in conjunction with the Research Data Management program (which offers support for inclusion of data management plans that are often required by funding agencies). BRC supports recruitment and retention through the Faculty Computing Allowance, and the condo computing and storage programs.

Keywords: HPC, high performance, computing, cluster, research, Savio, cloud, support, virtualized desktops, secure environments

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