LastPass Password Manager

The Information Security Office has two password management options available for the campus community:

LastPass Business is free for UC Berkeley departments who want to use this upgraded license that has built-in administrative features to share credentials across teams. It provides secure password storage and sharing alongside centralized administration to reduce the risk of mishandled credentials. The Information Security Office sets LP policies to comply with UC Policy. Each department has administrator control of its instance of LastPass.

LastPass Premium is a secure password manager for individuals who want to store all of their usernames and passwords in one safe place. All staff, faculty, and students can sign up for a free LastPass Premium account. You can also create Secure Notes to capture answers to security questions and store addresses and financial information - all securely. Additional benefits of LastPass:

  • Saves you time by automating all of your logins - including CalNet.

  • Eliminates the frustration of lost and forgotten passwords - no more Post-It notes!

  • Teaches you easy ways to improve your password hygiene - like not reusing passwords.

  • Protects your digital identity and UC Berkeley data.

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