Server System Administration (Windows)

The Windows Team offers administration options for servers located in the Data Center's of UC Berkeley and the San Diego Super Computing Center. There are two support levels offered: Standard and Extended.

Comparison of Features for Each Support Level

Cost (monthly) $138.00 $232.00
OS Level Monitoring Included Included
Custom Application Level Monitoring Available Available
Automated OS Level Patching Included Included
Custom OS Patching Schedule N/A Available
Security Management & Initial Firewall Configuration Included Included
Custom Firewall Configuration Available Available
Service Request Support Hours M-F, 8-5 M-F, 8-5

Scheduled Off-Hours Service Request Work

(Available with 2 business days lead time. Subject to SA availability and T&M charges.)

N/A Available

Incident Support Hours

M-F, 8-5 24x7
SA Consultation on Recharge Basis $147.00/hour $147.00/hour

Included = Included service as part of SA package
Available = Subject to SA availablity and T&M charges
N/A = Not an option in the SA package

Service details

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  • Phone: 
    (510) 664-9000 option 1, 1
  • Support hours: 
    Monday - Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. except University holidays. If you are experiencing an outage, please call the Service Desk after submitting a ticket and ask them to page the Windows on-call.


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  • Staff