The eSignature service at UC Berkeley enables campus to reap the time and cost saving benefits of using electronic signatures via an electronic process in place of "wet signatures" using a paper process. DocuSign is the service platform used to deliver eSignature, a cloud hosted service that is approved by campus and the state of California to process legally binding signatures.

While there have been isolated eSignature users on campus for a while, each with their own eSignature product license and pricing, campus now has a service that all campus departments may use.

Eligibility & Roles

DocuSign is available to all campus L4 Departments and Regional Service Teams. Users access their account through department or region’s account. For each campus  L4 Department(PDF file) or Regional Service team that uses DocuSign:

  • Department Administrator will configure the departments user permissions and roles. This is an active role, it requires active support of department staff. Each department must have two administrators.
  • Department Data Proprietor is responsible party for the unit’s data use and management policies. This is an active role, it requires management of data.
  • The Data Proprietor may also be an Account Administrator.
  • DocuSign is being offered as a self-service application. Departments and units will be responsible for designing, implementing and managing their business processes, workflow, documents (envelopes), and users, including training.

The DocuSign team is also available to consult/support your DocuSign projects. Please reach out by submitting a ticket to


DocuSign Training must be completed by Department Admins before being given acces to live DocuSign Production environment.

Ready to begin?

When your department is ready to get started, please:

  • Check the list of current accounts to ensure your department doesn't already have an account.
    • If your department already has an account ask your Account Administrator for DocuSign access. The Administrator is listed on the same spreadsheet.
    • If you don't know your department, look it up in the Ledger(PDF file) Be sure to look for "Department' entry.
  • If your department does not already have an account, then please complete the required MOU process.

Remember that individual users can only use DocuSign via their department or Region's account. If you already have a UCB DocuSign account and need greater permisisons, have your DocuSign Department Account Administrator give you the correct permissions. If you are not sure who your Department Account Administrator is, look them up in this spreadsheet.

Technical support is available by submitting a ticket to

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