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The Telecom team can help you with analog and digital voice services and products, voicemail, and assists with customer voice and data line changes. Request all services listed below directly from our Telecom Catalog.

Phone Line Options: PBX & Centrex

CalPBX Phone Lines

PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used at UC Berkeley. Using the PBX phone system allows communication internally (on-campus calls) and externally (with the outside world), using different communication channels like Voice over IP, ISDN or analog (the landlines or desk phones on campus, also used for fax machine and other voice related services).

The following packages are available:

  • PBX Analog Line - This is the standard CalPBX analog line. Some features require that you use a touch-tone telephone set. Others may also require a special analog telephone set that supports use of those features. The analog line is available with voicemail, basic or enhanced.
  • PBX Digital Line - The digital telephone service provides enhanced telephone services. Some features require specific station equipment. Digital telephones used on the Campus Centrex system are not compatible with the PBX and will need to be replaced with Avaya digital telephones when departments switch to the PBX. The digital line is available with voicemail, basic, or enhanced.

For more information please see our Knowledge Base articles on CalPBX.

Centrex Phone Lines

Centrex (central office exchange service) is a service from local telephone companies in the United States in which up-to-date phone facilities at the phone company's central (local) office are offered to business users so that they don't need to purchase their own facilities. Centrex service at UC Berkeley for either analog or digital (electronic) voice lines is provided by AT&T’s telephone switching equipment located at their central office (Telco). Unlike Cal PBX equipment, which is owned by UC Berkeley and housed on the UC Berkeley campus. AT&T’s equipment delivers PBX-like services to some UC Berkeley locations not designated as PBX sites.

Cal Voicemail

We provide a few options for voicemail services.

I want to... Instructions
Setup my voicemail

When accessing your voice mailbox for the first time you will be prompted to complete a Quick Set Up. This must be completed before you can begin listening to any new messages callers may have left you.

  1. Access the voicemail system by dialing 3-5530
  2. When the system begins speaking, enter your 7-digit extension
  3. Enter a New security code
  4. Enter the new security code again to confirm
  5. Record your name
  6. Record your personal greeting (include your name in your greeting)

Please refer to our Voicemail User Guide for a quick view of the keys used for managing your Cal Voicemail.

Access voicemail from my desk phone

You can use your campus landline to retrieve your messages following these steps:

  • Dial *82 3-5530 to set up your Cal Voicemail mailbox for the first time from your campus telephone using the default passcode provided separately by IST. If you are on CalPBX, dial 6-2626. If you have not yet set up your Cal Voicemail mailbox, please contact the Cal Voicemail Team at 510-664-9000, then press 1, 3, 1 to reach us immediately and for your setup passcode.
  • Dial 3-5530 to access the Voicemail User Guide.
  • Dial 79 or press the message waiting button when the message waiting indicator (lamp, triangle or stutter dial-tone) is on.
Access voicemail online Voicemail Enhanced and Unified Messaging subscribers may access and manage their messages online using Web PhoneManage. From any browser, enter your 7-digit mailbox number and the Security Code you selected. Web Access FAQs
Access voicemail via bMail Unified Messaging subscribers may use bMail to access voice messages.

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